#Delmoning: A How To Guide

Welcome Twins Fans!!

As you may or may not know, the term #Delmoning is the Twins (far superior) version of Tebowing.

What exactly is it?

Well, look at the photo below.  All the cool kids are doing it (Trevor Plouffe being the newly elected President).

4e61c1aeb3bbc.preview-300Plouffe and Kubel #Delmon after a home run

 But isn’t Delmon Young no longer a Twin?

Do you really have to be like that?  Once a Twin always a Twin.  Let’s be Minnesota nice and respectful of others cultures and embrace everyone equally.  We are an ever melting pot of awesomeness, and this “shake” was just too good to not adopt.

So why should I #Delmon?

1.  Because it’s cool.  There really doesn’t need to be a #2, but just in case…

2. Trevor Plouffe encourages it and wants to keep the #Delmon going strong.  He’s still a Twin, right?!  Support the man!

3.  It is the MOST SANITARY shake in the league.  Not only do you already have batting gloves on, but you barely touch each other.  We should really adopt this greeting in MN during flu and cold season.

4.  Beyond it being certified by the Board of Health for it’s sanitary standards, it is also nearly impossible to get injured doing it.  As you barely tap hands, you are not putting your money makers in jeopardy nor will your partner in crime have to be placed on the DL.  Am I right, Kendrys Morales?!  You’re welcome.

5.  Because #Tebowing is dumb, outdated, and only gets you so far (if he can’t beat the Patriots with it, you sure as heck aren’t going to be the Yankees with it).

How can I show my support?  When/where is it appropriate?

I am glad you are asking all of these very questions; it’s almost like this were scripted…

You can show your support by including your photos of you #Delmoning on Twitter, Facebook, and in old-fashion Christmas/Holiday Cards.  I personally had 3 generations of Twins fans #Delmon over New Years Eve and no one could contain their excitement and happiness.  Spread the cheer with anyone and everyone EVERYWHERE.

Now that you are well versed in the reasons to #Delmon, go practice it in a mirror, then with a friend/co-worker, and when you are ready for the “Bigs” we’ll see you at Target Field (hopefully by Opening Day 2012).

Stay Safe.  Stay Classy.

footnote: As Twins Territory is much greater than Minneapolis/Minnesota/the Midwest USA, not everyone can show their support at Target Field, and that’s perfectly OK.  Spread the word and enjoy this entirely positive and inclusive cheer; you won’t regret it.


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