Plouffe Is…

I know it’s been a while, but between, quite frankly, forgetting about this blog AND the mishap that Delmon created for himself, I have been reluctant to post.  So, without further adieu, I pose this question, what should I rename this blog?

Idea #1: “Plouffe Is __________ing” – the verb is one of fan choice.

Idea #2: “Plouffe’s New Hairdo” – as Trevor seems to change up his hair quite often (both head and facial), maybe this is a possiblity. (For the time being, this will be the default until a better suggestion is made.)

Idea #3: Keep Plouffe somehow, but in what capacity? That depends on the suggestions made.

Idea #4: Change entirely.  I would still focus on the Twins, staying positive along the way.  I will also sprinkle in the stories of my ballhawking, autograph seeking, and anecdotes from ballparks I visit along the way… and during the slow time (in order to not forget about this blog again) I will also tell past stories of baseball, as I have over 20 years of going to Twins games to reflect upon.

I apologize for the lack of update, let’s right this ship, maybe this blog is somehow directly correlated with the Twins record; the more I post and put into it, the more we win.

Now please… SHARE YOUR IDEAS!!


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