Slow News Week…

As I do not have a game for another couple weeks (unless spontaneity beckons), I thought I’d check in with a glorified post of nothingness.


I only have short bursts of time where I use my laptop at home, otherwise it’s the work computer or the phone… neither has the photos I wish to share about ballhawking or even my signature canvas, so I cannot even catch up on those pieces while I have the time.  I do have one photo I am able to share, it’s of all 28 balls (through today).

The bottom left is the very first ball, and the top right is the last ball. (In order: L to R, B to T)

Like I said, nothing new and exciting, and no details of new adventures, but something is better than nothing.  Plus, rest assured, I have been chronicling my adventures and even wrote what could turn out to be a book about my adventure as a baseball enthusiast (part ballhawking, part autograph seeker, and the rest about my recollections of going to baseball games since I was a wee-kid).

During the upcoming off-season (yep, blowing right past summer), I will try to share some of those stories here and fill in on the stuff that happened before the 2012 season.  With that said, my goal is to chronicle all of my hawking and share any other bits of info/stories that i pick up along the way.  Look for a massive update bringing the 2012 season current; either one GIANT post, or broken into easier to manage posts spread over a week or so.  After that game of catch-up is put to bed I can then keep pace and post after each game attended, or as news comes up.


Oh, you can also check out my ballhawking stats at; I am tony433433.  My goal this year: take over the #1 position for Target Field on the website.


Hey guys!  Oh!  Big gulps, huh?  Alright!…  Well, see ya later!


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