Brian Dozier Is A Class Act…

Yes, Brian Dozier was only “fulfilling his obligation” and probably made an extra dollar or two by showing up at FanHQ in Ridgedale Mall this last Sunday; but he did it with class and showed genuine appreciation at the fact that he had so many fans. Those fans took a couple hours out of their holiday weekend to meet Brian, and if my indications were held as truth, I’d say that people felt very positive towards the type of person they got to meet.

Sure, the Twins lost in a heart-breaking fashion that day, and Twins fans are getting restless, but Dozier walked into that suburban Minneapolis mall and still flashed a smile and showed that he was both a family-man and grounded (in a very positive way) by having his dad and brother accompany him.

As the first group of people went through line, Brian’s dad asked to see my canvas that I had made of a photo taken of Brian. I told him that it was of Brian’s first pitch in the Bigs. Both Brian’s dad and brother looked at it and complimented me on such a great capture, and asked how many shots I took to get that photo… One. I had got lucky, knew it was a small piece of history being made and tried to get things just right; and every once in a while you get lucky. I had made an extra copy to give to Brian, and his family thought he’d really like that (which made me happy).

Fast-forward to me in line. I ask for “First pitch in the Bigs. 5/7/12” to be personalized on my canvas and then tell Brian about the photo I had taken. He thought it was really cool and was then super-stoked when I said that I had an extra canvas made for him. He asked if I was going to be at any games in the near future (I blanked out on exactly when), but I did remember that we were going to go to KC on July 20th. So I told him I’d be around on that date (and asked for them to put up some crooked numbers). He then told me that he’d look for me and find something cool for giving him the canvas. AWESOME!!

Overall, he was a really cool guy and I hope that he does well and has a long career. He could be the best middle infielder that we have had since Knoblauch… so let’s hope he stays positive and keeps moving forward.

With his kind words and possible “something cool”, my excitement for KC is at a new high. We are planning on hitting up Oklahoma Joe’s (BBQ), the Negro League Baseball Museum, Tour of Kauffman, and then CROWN Bats section for the game. I am sure that I will have some cool pix (though I might take them with my nice camera and need to use my computer, sorry).


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