Still Slow…

As this is the slow period in my small 1/4 season ticket package, I thought I’d share what could be the final update on my 2011 Twins Signature Canvas.

I tried to get everyone on the 2011 Twins roster along with some of the big guys that have their numbers retired (or played on the 91 team). Not too shabby of a result for not starting it until late June and only paying for a couple guys (Kubel being one of the few roster guys I paid for, since I thought he was going to be on the move late last year).

2011 Minnesota Twins Canvas With Signatures

Well, like I said before, I will have to upload the pictures of my game balls when I get on my personal computer (happens so infrequently these days). I have learned my lesson though and for the upcoming balls I end up snagging, i will definitely use my iPhone to snaps pictures, completely bypassing the need to use my computer.

Side note: I will probably just end up writing a post about this immediately after I post this one, but Brian Dozier is a cool dude! Met him (and his dad and borther) at FanHQ… he was very nice and treated his fans with class.


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