Droppin’ A Deuce In Target Field – Balls #12 + #13 (8/22/2011)

I did it!!  I finally got more than 1 ball in my home stadium!… But yet again it was not because I broke my “no more than 1″ rule.  I simply got them as a by product of waiting for autographs.  That may not seem ‘fair’ to those new to ballhawking.  The firs thing that you have to realize is that you are not entitled to ONE ball.  No one owes you, you do not put in work and earn a ball, you simply put yourself in the best position and get balls on your own merit.  There is no ‘fair’, no ‘luck”, just a chase and once a glove finally takes residence in your glove (the key being that you bring a glove), then, and only then, can you stake a claim to a ball.

The output of 2 balls snagged at Target Field on the same day is the byproduct of being close to the field due to my autograph seeking.  I was there to get my canvas signed (that project being the focus of the 2nd half of 2011), and since players sign in the first row and many balls end up going to the wall, I was in the ‘dual zone’.  I liked the ‘dual zone’.  I really liked my autograph project, and I was never EVER going to pass up an Officially Licensed MLB Approved Baseball!

Who was on the Canvas at this point?:

  • Valencia, Tolbert, Casilla
  • Cuddyer, Revere, Capps, Nathan
  • Oliva, Hughes
  • Pavano
  • Span, Gardenhire
  • Rivera, Kelly, Gladden, Mauer
  • Duensing
  • Young
  • Swarzak
  • Kubel (8/6/2011 – FanHQ)
  • Perkins (8/6/2011 – Best Buy)
  • Morris, Erickson (8/6/2011 – Mauer Chevrolet)
  • Butera, Plouffe (8/8/2011)
  • Baker (8/20/2011 – Cub Foods)
  • Morneau, Burnett (8/20/2011 – Twins Parking Lot)

I was shut out on autographs this game, but here is how the ball snagging went down.

Ball #1:  Yet another easter egg in section 102.  Not much to report.  I put in my time waiting at the gates and was the first one to run throw the section.  I cannot say this enough, but I truly believe that Matt Capps (and/or another Twin) is the one who places these little nuggets in the seats in order for a lucky fan to find.

Ball #2:  When I was looking for autographs, I would often try to get up over to section 3, row 1, and as close to the dugout as possible.  As the Orioles were taking their BP I noticed a ball coming towards me out of the corner of my eye.  It was not a ball that was batted, but thrown from the shortstop area.  I am not sure if it was a coach warming up his 1st baseman, or if it was a wild throw by a SS, but the man covering first could not haul it in.  The ball took a few hops and rolled directly to me.  I bent over the short wall and picked up the ball for the second one of the day.

It was as simple as that, put yourself in the right position and they will come.  Two balls at Target Field, nothing to be sad about.


My thanks for this double-dip?  Thanks Capps/faceless Twin who deposits these little nuggets int he stands.  They really do make people happy!  My other bit of thanks go to that first baseman who committed the error in BP.  It always sucks to committ an error in front of people, but hey, at least it wasn’t in the game!  Thanks for the free souvenir!


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