Broken Record – Ball #14 – The Hrbek of My Collection (9/6/2011)

No sugar-coating this one, twas another easter egg.  This time it was section 103.  Same type of story as the rest of the easter eggs.  This one is a near-pearl, leading me to believe it was definitely the Twins Easter Bunny.  I had gotten into a routine of running down to the 101 section and then searching the first few rows as I worked my way over to the section 3 hideout.  The routine was working for me, the fringe benefit of showing up early and getting into the best autograph section meant finding easter eggs along the way.

I call this ball the Hrbek of my collection since it was my 14th of my career, matching the retired number worn by Minnesota’s own Kent Hrbek.  One of the best memories of the dome will always be Hrbek’s “Noooooo Smoking” routine, PRICELESS.

Canvas update:

  • Valencia, Tolbert, Casilla
  • Cuddyer, Revere, Capps, Nathan
  • Oliva, Hughes
  • Pavano
  • Span, Gardenhire
  • Rivera, Kelly, Gladden, Mauer
  • Duensing
  • Young
  • Swarzak
  • Kubel
  • Perkins
  • Morris, Erickson
  • Butera, Plouffe
  • Baker
  • Morneau, Burnett
  • Thome (8/23/2011 – Game vs. Orioles) – Also got a pair of Cuddyer’s batting gloves handed to me!!
  • Benson (9/6/2011 – Game vs. White Sox – His MLB Debut)

On an autograph-related note, I received Joe Benson’s autograph on the day of his MLB debut.  I didn’t see him sign for anyone else before me, so unless he signed before the general public was allowed in the stadium, I may have been the first person he signed for as an official pro in the bigs!


Thank you Joe Benson!  On such a memorable day for yourself you came over and signed for me and even seemed to enjoy it!  I find that it was pretty cool to have a fresh face (Joe) be able to sign on the sign item as a future first-ballot Hall of Famer (Jim Thome).  Plus, thank you to the Easter Bunny, you have been too kind, I am a believer for sure!


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