Baseball Week Has Begun – #BigfootInKC2012

It’s been a while, since June 25th to be exact. I have not been to a MLB game in what feels like months. I’m pretty stoked, though, for the lineup of games in the next week.

Sunday, July 15th: Twins vs. A’s @ Target Field:
This is going to be a day game, so my ballhawking streak may again come to an end… but I don’t want it to! I’ll try my hardest to get on the board early, maybe flash a sign at Capps, show my Swarzak jersey to Anthony, something to get a toss up before the game. Otherwise it’ll be me behind the dugout hoping for a gamer (which in no way is an easy feat).

Thursday, July 19th: Twins vs. Orioles @ Target Field:
Another day game!! Same methods as above. This is a stressful patch for me, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen a game, so I’m not gonna worry too much. Plus, in this game we get to have Jim Thome come back to town. We got him with the Phillies and now he’ll be here as a member of the Orioles. Here’s hoping for more history!

Friday, July 20th: Twins vs. Royals @ Kauffman Stadium:
See the last post. Bigfoot, BBQ, NLBM, Twins, Royals, Early Bird Tour, CROWN Bats Club Seats… too cool and exciting to even try to fit in this short post. I’m hoping that a stray ASG ball or two made it into the BP baskets for the Royals and maybe one or two will find their way in with the Twins’ balls. The stitching looks awesome an to say that I want one is an understatement. Alright, gotta calm down.

So there’s the plan. One week from now I will already be inside the gates of Kauffman, full of Oklahoma Joe’s Z-man Sandwich, in a Bigfoot costume, with a ball already in my mitt. Wish me luck in the mean time, this Sunday is the first test! #BigfootInKC2012


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