Scorched Earth – #BigfootInKC2012

Damn, back on Monday the high temp was supposed to be only 99º F, though the low was going to be a balmy 81º.  Today the newest models show that it’ll be 102º for a high, but a cool (and I’m sure breezy, with no humidity) 79º for the low.  That tells me that the cloud cover will be virtually non-existent for the entire day… not a good thing for Bigfoot, I’ll tell you that.

So this should be interesting.  I am planning on not dying and staying for the entire game.  Two GREAT goals to have for any baseball game, really.  If it gets too bad, I will have to take off some or all of the costume as heat dictates.  My pride and ego tell me to stick it out and be a hero, but my mental health, sanity, and LIFE (ok, wife, too while we’re on this list) tell me to take it easy and do the right thing.  So do not worry Twins, Royals, and baseball fans.  I will not succumb to the heat any worse than others at Kauffman Stadium.  Sure, i might be more sweaty and look more ridiculous, but if the stunt is getting to me at all, I’ll call it off.  The good news is that our seats are in the Crown Bats section, so those free drinks (mainly water) will be a life-saver!!

Here’s the forecast:




Wish me luck!  I am a bit crazy, I know, but hopefully good times will be shared with many.  I am still hopeful that they will have a few ASG balls during the BP at KC, I’ve heard tales of such things happening elsewhere in previous years.

Thank you weather gods!  You are really testing me on this one, but I will succeed in some way, be it keeping the costume on, getting a ball, having the Twins win, something will work out.


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