One More Day! – #BigfootInKC2012

Well, at least the game isn’t today. By no means is 99 going to feel cool or be easy to keep the Bigfoot act up in, but the excessive heat warning that Kansas City is under right now just sounds scary.

I checked NOAA yesterday and looked at the hourly graphs (I LOVE the new NOAA layout by the way). It looks like gate entry temps will be basically the high temp of 99, but it will slowly keep dropping. Add on top of that some shade and maybe, just maybe, a breeze. By about 11 pm the temp is down in the mid 80s.

I’ll probably post an hourly forecast on Friday as I’m waiting at the gate to enter. Another bit of good news? I was able to shove my entire Bigfoot costume in my camera bag! That mean that I will probably just put the costume on inside the park (escape an addition half-hour to an hour of wearing it).

Here’s the latest forecast:


My thank go out to my wife again. Not only is she supportive, but she helped sew my modified Bigfoot costume. I cut a bunch of holes under the jersey area in order to get just a little bit of a reprieve from the sweaty hotness of the hair-suit.


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