The Condensed Version of the #BigfootInKC2012 Experience

This post is going to be just a placeholder until I can sit down and detail exactly what happen on this hot Friday night in Kansas City.

As I mentioned before in other posts, on July 20th I was going to dress up like Bigfoot in KC and cheer on my MN Twins! I was hoping to have a great deal of fun and snag a ball or two on top of it. Well, my luck was much greater than that. Many guys loves the costume; Jamey Carroll was the first to see it and the reaction was priceless. I ended up with 5 balls, the line-up cards (thanks Scott Ullger!!), priceless conversations with the guys, numerous fans asking for photos, a few seconds of fame on FSN (and ESPN recaps/photo gallery for the game), and fist-bump from Joe Mauer himself!!

Yes, the game was incredible. I had a blast, lost tons of weight in sweat (drank over a half-dozen free bottles of water, thanks CROWN BATS club), and would do it again in a heartbeat. Oh, I even got to play around with the Royals mascot, had a few shenanigans pulled, but got a nice cup of Gatorade from him (straight from the Twins dugout).

First off, the tragedy and pure inhumanity of what happened in Aurora/Denver area is beyond words. None one should ever have to fell that pain or be a subject of such utter madness. With that said, there are ramifications that can be felt even at baseball games, one such thing even I was the subject of at the Royals/Twins game. By no means am I whining or not understanding why this happened, but I am frustrated that the stupid people that pull such heartless acts can intrude on my liberties. In about the 3rd inning I was asked by the guard/worker in the CROWN section to take my mask off. There was a rule against it, yes, but add on top of that the senselessness that happened in CO and the timing could not have been any worse for Bigfoot. Steve (the nice worker who we had met last year and somewhat befriended) came up to me and said, “Sorry, I’m going to have to ask you to take off the mask. The orders came from upstairs, and I tried to tell them that it wasn’t like that, but with what happened last night we can’t take any chances. I hope you understand.”
I completely understood. I was furious, not at him, the Royals, the stadium, or even the law enforcement working at the game, but at the idiot who made it that much tougher to keep such small liberties. I totally understand the catch-22, you either make rules and try to protect people or you have loose security and risk another incident, no one wins.
What was taken from me by such a selfish and stupid act is infinitely small in comparison to those truly affected by this person I wish not to name. It is true though that the aftershock of such a tragedy can spread to locations an activities not even associated with the original attack, but like a wave, the ripple is incredibly large.

My thanks go out to many. Thank you to my wife and her family for joining me in this awesome trip. I’m glad it wasn’t too embarrassing, I hope there were a few fun memories. Thanks to the entire Twins team for putting together and exciting game AND A WIN!! You guys not only took the time to have a laugh with/at me, but really gritted it out for a huge W. Thanks also to Brian Duensing, Ron Gardenhire, the Twins Bat-Boy, the home plate umpire (name will be in the longer post), And Justin Morneau for hooking me up with a ball. Thanks Scott Ullger for the line-up cards, and thanks Joe Mauer for the fist-bump. This next post will be long. Now to gather the pictures…


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