Drought Time

It seems like it’s going to be a while until my next game, mid/late August. I guess there are always the Olympics, but with the lack of cable I will miss watching baseball, especially the Twins. The good news I that Plouffe didn’t go to the DL, his thumb was cleared today. Being that he is my favorite current ball-player, that’s some great news. Plus, I’d hate that his last game before his first trip to the DL was the Bigfoot game. I’m thinking of trying to purchase the Bigfoot photo that was used on ESPN and get a few nice prints done. I’d like to put that in with the line-up cards and my ticket and make a cool display for my basement. To continue this tangent, I’m trying to get a good look at my collection of Twins stuff and full in my future basement, the locker idea would be awesome, but it’s not quite full enough to do that way I’d like. Filling the locker with one guys’ stuff is ideal, but getting a locker name plate, glove, a couple jerseys, AND additional bat or two seems like a long and potentially expensive goal.

As far as the time off, I guess I have things to tie me over. I’d really like to see the Sox in town next week, that’d be a nice way to make the drought quicker. My last Sox game was excellent for balls (remember that record 7 of mine?!), but going for 3 would be the real goal. If I got 3 then I’d be at 50 for my lifetime count, not bad for being relatively new to the game. I think 50 would be a lofty goal for this year’s count, but I’m already at 30 (counting Spring Training), so it’s not too nuts.

Well, I apologize for the rambling, but that’s what a long drought coming off of some massive highs will do to you. Now let’s get some WINS Twins!!

Bonus rambling: I might try to do the Bigfoot deal at Target Field sometime. I think it’s be fun, but it’ll have to be in the future since Swarzak went on the DL today. Maybe the last game of the year?


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