Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – Potential Game Tomorrow

Dilemma, do I go or not? Tomorrow’s game would be the first that Francisco Liriano has not pitched in a Twins uniform at the Major League level. Plus, it’s the White Sox; I could see Robin Ventura AGAIN!! Plouffe is on the DL though, so there’s a knock against. Plus, I’d like to sleep and enjoy some time at home, so another knock. But I haven’t been to a game for a while and won’t until late August (and a few of the chances in between that time are off the table due to commitments). It’d be nice to try to go for career number 50…

Ahhhhh, I cannot decide. I am leaning towards going, but I don’t want to she’ll out more money. So if there is a cheap/free ticket out there, then I will go, final answer.

So be on the lookout tomorrow for a new post. If there is one up then it’s safe to say I went. If there is none, then either it was a massive night or I stayed at home. Hope you like waffles, because all I did in this post was my best Favre impression, waffled at every moment, staying while I wanted to go and officially confirming that there is a 100% chance that it would be possible that I go, unless I don’t.


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