Streak Continued and Broken – Ball #48 (7/31/2012)

My streak is over… streak of games with a “game ball” that is. After 5 great games in a row, it just wasn’t meant to be. I also had a 7 game streak of more than 1 ball, but that too has been snapped. The most important streak (perfection in 2012) is still alive. Ideally I want 100 every game, but today felt different, if I got 1 I was happy. I’m not saying that to be corny or lower my expectations, I honestly was happy with just getting one.

I knew I’d have to leave the game early (work in the morning), and once my seat trick backfired, I knew my chances of getting a gamer were down to dumb luck (foul on the fly or HR, no 3rd out balls today). So I cut expectations and just tried to continue the main streak (a I said, one ball in each 2012 game) and know when to leave so I wouldn’t have to worry about being tired. Tiredness is one thing, but like I mentioned before, when you have anxiety and you know that tiredness leads to higher anxiety and panic attacks, you know when you need to get out of there.

It was cool seeing Francisco in a Sox uniform, also fun to see my favorite, Robin Ventura. It was also great news to hear an then see that we still have Denard Span, Justin Morneau, And Glen Perkins. The trade deadline got pretty crazy!

Oh yes, how did I get the ball?

Well, Don Cooper finished his infielder grounders and decide to toss up a couple balls. I made eye contact, flashed him my Ventura Sox jersey and acted like I was the biggest Sox fan (I am not, though they are my 2nd favorite team). Just like that I had another game added to the streak.


My thanks go out again to Don Cooper and the White Sox. Thanks for keeping the streak alive and making a second-tier fan happy. Also, thank you to my reader(s), hope this short post was somewhat interesting.


One thought on “Streak Continued and Broken – Ball #48 (7/31/2012)

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