Still Anxiously Waiting…

Baseball related news: None to speak of. I have no tickets until August 30th, so it’s going to be a while. Plouffe is still on the DL, along with Swarzak, so nothing new on that front either. As far as Nishioka goes, feel free to voice opinions in the right forum, but I you are a Twins fan how about supporting the guy?! This transition has been hellish on him. He IS a professional, he has gone through crappy personal things on top of it, so let’s cheer and maybe something positive will happen. Booing and being pessimistic is not going to make anything better.

Non-baseball related news: I mentioned a while back that I have anxiety. Depending on the week I suffer at least one attack, some weeks are worse and if feels like it’s every day. I am not writing this to feel sorry for myself, but to just talk about anxiety openly, reducing the stigma that comes with this and any other “mental illness”. I have found out through talking that may friends and family members have also gone through similar issues, and once we shared our stories and broke down that wall of secrecy it felt incredibly therapeutic.

I am writing about my anxiety specifically today (and more importantly at this very moment) because I do feel on edge. Talking is a great way to minimize your anxiety/worry/stress. Since I have had these larger attacks in my past I have also seen a doctor, therapist, and recently started medication. I was concerned about medication, but I know that the sooner I get this under control, the better my life will be and the longer I can live, since stress, anxiety, and depression have shown to be contributing factors to heart problems.

Long story made short: Talk about your problems with someone. It doesn’t have to be this public or open, but know that there are people out there that face similar issues and can understand and possibly help. It’s time to take back your sanity, don’t keep it all bottled up until things are bad. Baseball an life are similar, their both 90% mental. Stay in the game, keep your mind health!

I know that I didn’t get a ball, but there are still thanks attached to this post. Thank you to my wife, she supports my struggles and battles through the tough times and always listens to me. Thank you to my grandma; we sat down last week and just talked about our anxiety, what medication brought to her health and what to expect. Thank you to my parents and rest of my family for taking phone calls at random times and getting me through those episodes. Thank you to my season ticket holder buddy Jared and his fiancée Megan. They both have helped me understand some things about anxiety that they have learned in their own lives. And thank you MLB for not only being a good distraction but implementing rules that hopefully decrease mental injuries and help those players that suffer from either mental illness or injuries. I have looked up some articles about players and anxiety and it helps knowing how it can affect ANYONE.

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