Feels Like Ages… #StayPositive

It’s been a while… and it’s going to be a while, too.  This wait for the next game is incredible.  As much as I look forward to just going to a game, I am most looking forward to something positive happening this season.  Right now it seems like the fans’ morale is low, the critics are making their pot-shots, and even the players are looking like this season has gone on for too long.  I’m hoping that Plouffe starts to turn the corner after the thumb injury and hits that magical home run number 20 (heck, let’s shoot for 30!), that and maybe a no-hitter or cycle by one of the guys, just get some positive vibes flowing.

I already have my calendar circled for September 30th, too.  That is the last game of the year and we have Champions Club tickets.  Hopefully something magical happens like it did last year; last year I got a bat and couple balls on the last game of the year and when we sat in Champions Club for a different game I score some batting gloves and a Thome signature.  But first and foremost, how about an exciting victory like last year’s game 162?

Well, I feel like I am rambling at this point.  I have nothing to offer but speculation and hope.  I am trying to remain positive, because what’s the point of being negative?  If the Twins are your team, go ahead and show it by sticking with them through good times and bad.  My childhood memories were made on “bad baseball”, I went to Twins games at the METRODOME when there were CONTRACTION talks, so don’t try to tell me that this is the worst.  We have more to be thankful for, and maybe, just maybe, the positive vibes in the stands will flow over the limestone walls and the players will use it like a wave to propel them to new heights.

Well, I guess I should put the finishing touches on this post.  First, before the “thank you” section, I have a couple “sorrys”.  Sorry for the long-winded “fluff post”, I really have no new news because of my lack of attendance at Twins games.  It’s just the way our 20 game package split.  I’ll have plenty of games in September!  Also, I am sorry if my previous post was too non-baseball-y for you.  However, I do feel like mental health is very important and yes, it’s mainly for my own well-being and something important to me because it affects ME.  I won’t always bring up non-baseball stuff, but since I had a dead period and an open platform, I thought “what better time than now?”  Please, tell me what you think of the non-baseball banter; would you read it, will you skip it, do you HATE it?  Like I said earlier, when I have baseball stories I will probably just focus on those, but during the down time I might drift.  I might also cover some non-baseball stuff if it turns into part of the baseball story.

Now for the “thank you” part of the show.  Thank you dear reader(s?)!  Please, feel free to introduce yourself and let me know what you enjoy or other aspects you would like to hear more/less about.  I don’t expect that I actually have regular readers, but if you happened across this blog and want to hear more from me, I’d like to know.  My goal is to get better at this whole blogging thing, and provide some good insight into what it’s like to be a ballhawk and Twins fan, as well as make it a bit personal and humorous.


Stay Positive Twins Fans!!


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