In a Pinch…

So, due to work commitments I will have to miss my next game (August 30). I’ve been waiting for nearly a month to go to a game and it just happens that it’s the one day of the week that I cannot go. If anyone has just one ticket available for one of the other Mariners games I would love to trade you tickets (yep 2 for 1!). My seats are in the 200 level of the home run porch, aisle seats!

I am sure that with the current record and lack of pull that the Mariners bring I should be able to find at least 1 ticket to one of those games.

So, how are we doing on the #StayPositive front? From my barometer (work talk) it seems like the attitude has shifted from negativity to flat out not caring. Football?! Are you serious?! It’s pre-season an it’s the Vikings. THE VIKINGS! You crap on the Twins for a losing record and yet you take the abuse from a team that has a long history of always disappointing you?! Hypocrites! How about we #StayPositive on both fronts, football and baseball. They are both our teams and at the very least could spoil it for our local enemies (Chicago and Detroit come to mind in both leagues).

Well, I shall not keep going when I have nothing more to say. Just remember to STAY POSITIVE!

Many thanks go out to Jim Joyce. He saved a life this past week, and for that we thank you! Thanks also go out to those who still show up at the Twins games from here on out… and actually CHEER for the TWINS. Broken record, yes, but it’s cool to stay positive. Thank you Scott Diamond for sticking up for your own; the season may be headed in a direction that no one wanted, but you didn’t just phone it in. Lastly, future thanks to the person who makes it possible for me to go to the Twins/Mariners game.


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