Breaking the Streak… TONIGHT!

So I’ve decided to break my streak… my streak of baseball-less nights.  Not only has it been FOUR WEEKS since I last set foot in a baseball stadium, I’ve also been without cable for the same amount of time (hey, it’s saving me well over $100/month), so yeah, it’s been a LONG time without baseball.  Checking my iPhone and launching the ESPN GameCast can only do so much to quench your thirst.

AHHHHHHH!!  It feels so good to break this streak!  Now let’s hope for a Plouffe bomb, Twins win, and finish off this trifecta with a ball in my glove.  (The last one is not absolutely necessary, but for the sake of this blog, and my eventual awesome mancave, let’s hope it comes true.)

I’ve also learned that there will be a few fellow ballhawks in attendance tonight at Target Field.  Paul ( will be making his first appearance in, from what I can tell from his blog, a little over two weeks.  And then Mateo ( will be attending his first game at Target Field as a Minnesotan (yes, he’s been to TF before, but now that he’s one of us, it counts as his first all over again).  I am guessing that I will not have a huge night, a lot of rust builds up during a 4 week absence, plus they are much younger than I, but hopefully no one goes home empty-handed.

Alright, seeing how I am at work and need to get out of here as early as possible in order to try to snag a ball or seven, I’m going to have to call it.

Quick thanks goes to the person who was so willing to part with a nice single ticket.  I think I’ll be in prime territory for a gamer.  Thanks to my job, it’s nice to have a company that is flexible, as well as co-workers who put up with my stories since they are just as nutty about sports.  And a quick shout out to Paul and Mateo, again.  I’m eager to hear a few stories and talk to people who share the same passion as me.  Baseball is such a great game!


Remember, Twins fans…



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