Baseball and Music – A Perfect Match

For those of you who know me, it’s safe to say that I LOVE music.  As much as I love going to baseball games and trying to start a good collection of baseball, my music obsession puts baseball to shame.  When the day comes that I can start decorating my man-cave, there will be a decent amount of baseball represented, a beautiful hand-made (by myself) TARDIS pool-table, and then TONS of music and music memorabilia.  I have tons of set-lists, guitar picks, autographs, and other box-set/collectors pieces I want to proudly display, along with the thousands of albums (CDs mainly, and some LPs) that will be a virtual music library.

So yeah, music is a big deal to me, and so it makes me happy that ball-players are talking more and more about music and picking their favorite songs to represent them as they walk up to the plate (or take the mound).  I have so many favorite songs and so many recommendations that I’d like to share with people, that picking gout my walk-up song would prove nearly impossible.  I’d more than likely end up annoying the guy in charge of keeping the players’ music straight and lose my privilege to pick out any more songs.

My favorite all-time band, the one I have an impressive collection of (even more so than my baseballs), is Weezer.  So yes, I am a Twins fan and a Weezer fan; times are tough, but I’m loyal!  I know that when Weezer releases their next great album, so too will the Twins become good again…  Please let that be soon!

Each year I like to put together my top 10 for that calendar year.  Even though we still have 4 months left in the year, 2012 has already been an inconsistent bag of pleasant surprises and huge let-downs.  I will not focus on the latter, since I am trying to “Stay Positive”.  (By the way, “Stay Positive” is a great song and mantra coined by Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, check it out!)  I am not going to share my Top Ten quite yet, but I will list some of the better albums and songs below in the mix I created a couple hours before the last Twins game I went to (8/28/12).  I think the mix was helpful, not only did it help me get pumped and set me up nicely for my Big 6, but it also provided a calm soundtrack for the late drive home.

So here it goes, my Baseball Mix-Tape of 2012 Releases:

(Track #.  Artist – Song TitleAlbum Name)

  1. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Home Lost – Saber, Querer, Osar y Callar
  2. Craig Finn – JacksonClear Heart Full Eyes
  3. Fiona Apple – Valentine – The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
  4. Regina Spektor – Oh Marcello – What We Saw from the Cheap Seats
  5. Lana Del Ray – National AnthemBorn to Die
  6. Lana Del Ray – Off to the RacesBorn to Die
  7. Sleigh Bells – Born to LoseReign of Terror
  8. Sleigh Bells – DemonReign of Terror
  9. Death Grips – BlackjackThe Money Store
  10. Death Grips – HackerThe Money Store
  11. The Mars Volta – The Whip HandNoctourniquet
  12. The Mars Volta – Aegis – Noctourniquet
  13. The Mars Volta – Dyslexicon – Noctourniquet
  14. The Mars Volta – The Malkin Jewel – Noctourniquet
  15. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Hez – Un Corazón de Nadie
  16. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Adiós – Un Corazón de Nadie
  17. Nada Surf – Clear Eye Clouded Mind – The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy
  18. Norah Jones – Miriam – …Little Broken Hearts

So there it is, quickly put together and focused on just a few albums.  It’s easy to see who the front runners are for my favorite albums of the year, but 2012 is far from over. I am still looking forward to October 23rd, there are at least 4 albums I am anticipating that could fight for a position on my self-proclaimed World-Famous List.

October 23 releases:

  • P.O.S. (local rapper, lover of all music genres, and skillful with a guitar)
  • Death Grips (2nd album of 2012, rap group featuring my favorite drummer, Zach Hill)
  • …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (great indie rocking band from Texas, like to employ TWO drummers)
  • Titus Andronicus (NJ indie pseudo-punk rockers, follow up album after their pseudo-concept album loosely based on the Civil War)


It seems weird to me that just a couple of years ago if you had told me that I was anticipating any rap album, let alone TWO, I would have called you nuts.  I am a bit more eclectic when it comes to music, and that’s a good thing.  It’s as if i went from being a fan of ONE player (listening to one radio station and only those artists in that particular genre that are played), to being a fan of an entire team (listening to more than just the songs and artists in that genre that appeals to me), and finally in a place where I appreciate all of the MLB (listen to not just one genre, but new genres and artists that tend to get over-looked).  By no means am I ready to say that my musical tastes/discoveries would be equal to liking all forms of baseball (Minor Leagues, High School, Tee-Ball, etc.), but slowly I am expanding my horizons.

Well, thanks for reading this post loosely based on baseball.  The next chapter in this time-filling series (while I wait nearly 2 weeks until my next game) will be a detailed account of “How I Prep For A Baseball Game”.  I will be detailing my habits/rituals and diving deep into my camera bag of goodness.

Thank you to all of the recording artists that put out music for their fans.  It’s amazing how much we associate with a song, an artist, or an album.  Nearly everyone has a favorite song, or can remember which song was playing at an important time in their life.  I’ve never claimed that an album has saved my life, as I believe that is a bit melodramatic, but there is a line from a song I listed above, Jackson by Craig Finn, in which he says:

Depression is an ocean, and it’s prone to tides and swells.

Anxiety’s persistent, it’s an ambitious politician.

It keeps knocking on your door, until you come and let it in.

Thank you, Craig Finn, for those wonderful lyrics.  It’s pretty cool that those lyrics come from a self-professed baseball fan, and even bigger Twins fan!  And for you Mr. Finn, I ask all my readers to once again:

Stay Positive


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