Ahhhh, SEPTEMBER!! “Chock Full O’ Baseball”

Well, it’s here.

OK, I guess it’s been here for a while, but officially September begins today for me.  I will be going to the first of my 5 planned games in September, and I cannot wait!  (Insert plug here for free tickets for other games.  Heck, it’s worth a shot, plenty are going unused!)

“Which games are you going to?” says the beloved reader.

  • today (9/11) vs. the KC Royals
  • 9/14 vs. the White Sox
  • 9/25 vs. the Yankees
  • 9/28 vs. the Detroit Tigers
  • 9/30 vs. the Detroit Tigers

I am looking forward to today, since September 11th means Patriotic hats.  I love the stars and stripes look on a Twins cap, it goes perfectly with their colors; we don’t have to change, it just looks natural.

I realize that today is a somewhat somber day, too.  I work in the insurance industry and still see claims come through that stem from September 11th; the company I work for actually lost people, they had a floor in one of the doomed towers.  I can still remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news, I was a senior in high school, in the middle of my honors writing class.  (I find it a bit ironic that I HATED English and writing all throughout my school career and it now brings me joy to share my experiences on a blog.)  As you can imagine, once word broke of the first plane strike, TVs were immediately turned on… except in my classroom.  Another point of irony was that this teacher not only taught honors writing, but a media class dedicated to film, commercials, and television, BUT SHE WOULDN’T ALLOW US TO TURN ON THE TV!!

We all know how much the media can over-hype things, add on top of that the fact that no one knew why this plane had hit, and you have a teacher who wanted to ignore distractions, as she could not have predicted how historic of a moment September 11, 2001 would become.

Once the second plane hit, the halls were beyond quiet.  It was spooky, an eerie calm and sense of unity and uncertainty was swirling.  Our graduating class had just been in school for about a week, and already we were worried about our future beyond high school, only it wasn’t about college/jobs like many previous classes before us, this was larger, we no longer knew if we were safe; we were bracing for war.

The rest of the day was filled with television screens and teachers that were no longer teachers, but concerned citizens, concerned parents, people that were just as scared as their students.  I made it home and had to get right over to the grocery store for work (3-10 shift).  Right across the street from the grocery store was a gas station, as information poured in, there was an increasing concern that as the Middle East was to blame, this meant gas prices would surely sky-rocket.  People were speculating that prices would reach $3, $5, even $7 a gallon within a couple days.  This drove people to the pumps and to the grocery store to stock up on their necessities.  By the end of my shift we were even selling Star Tribune and Pioneer Press newspapers entirely dedicated to the events of the day (talk about a quick turn around and sign of the times, newspapers were actually relevant).

I would end up coming home for the next few days and flipping on the television to continuous news coverage; they hadn’t stopped in DAYS.  Information slowly came in, and fewer and fewer survivors were being found.  Eventually things went back to “normal”, albeit with more “Stars and Stripes” visible than before.  One of the first things to show that things were OK?  BASEBALL.

So that’s my story of September 11th.  I am hoping that today turns out to be a joyous celebration at the ballpark, an escape that was taken for granted before the events in 2001.  My report of the game will have some pictures and might mention a few things done specially for 9/11, but I will not go further into the events that day.  It will be about baseball, the Twins, and fun.  I am not forgetting the people/families that were affected that day, just trying to move forward and stay positive.  This is my reflection, this was the story of the past darkness, my next will be a story of happiness and progress.


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