Target Field Season Ticket Holder Promotion – Hang Out At Target Field!

I probably would have held this post for the upcoming hibernation period, but for due to a very cool reason, I had to post this before my next game.  Yep, I hawked at Target Field when there wasn’t even a game!!

I forgot to take pictures , but I also had a plan of doing a “cartoon” in one of my posts, so what better time than now?!

Quick back-story:  I had thrown the baseball around already with my friend Jared.  We had taken some pictures, toured the dugouts, and seen nearly everything to see.  I noticed that there were a few balls sitting in the center-field area in the raised grass/flower area behind the fence.  I figured that I’d try to scope it out, but knew that I wasn’t going to be able to actually climb up and grab any.  I had not been in the bullpen yet, so as it cleared out and after I jumped up against the center-field wall (making Revere-like grabs), I decided to get my “Perk” on.

I will not build up the suspense any further.  Get your PJs on, grab a bowl of cereal, and hold your laptop like a newspaper, ’cause here come the Funny-Pages!!…


Ballhawk Toonies








The End


…of the ball cartoon.  Now, what do you think?  Do these count as balls #67 and #68?  They were from a MLB stadium, are definitely officially licensed balls, and one even appears to be mud-rubbed like a gamer (maybe a home run ball or ground-rule double).  If I do count them, how do I log them?  How do I tie them back to a game?  Since MyGameBalls requires that you tie them to a game, does that mean I count them towards my next game, the previous one I attended, or the last game played at Target Field but one I didn’t actually attend?  The mind races!!

Anywho, how about the field access and mini-tour part of the evening?

I’ll just post a ton of pictures below and give you a brief caption, since this was meant to be a short post and it’s a Friday afternoon…


Third base:  Here’s the view Mr. Plouffe has for half of the playing season.



Third base:  The view as if you were able to be just behind a base-runner.



Visitor’s Bat and Helmet Rack:  Dang!  It’s empty!  Still very cool to be able to see, though.



Camera-Well on the Visitor’s side:  Oh how lucky I’d be if I could take pictures from here when there are actual players on the field.  ‘Tis but a dream.



Dugout Rules (o “reglas” para mi  lectores de español):  Read up, if you want to be a coach in the pros you should probably be well-versed in these rules.



TC Logo Behind Home Plate:  Ahhh, grass + paint = pretty.



Twins Dugout Steps:  Stairs coming from the locker-room to the dugout, reminds the guys how to play the game.



Phone to the Bullpen:  I was going to “SAVE” this one for last, but I’m going for the complete game here.



Twins Camera-Well Side – FSN Posting:  Sorry FSN, looks like I found your rules for the camera men/women!  If you want to impress your friends, use this to “guess” what camera cuts will be made and when.



Target Field Seat:  Just a close-up of a seat.  But not just any seat, seat #24, so very appropriate for the name of this blog!


Well, thanks for taking the tour.  I also have a video, but the format is a little weird and I just don’t have the time right now to upload it.  I’ll put it together during the off-season.

Huge thanks go out to TK!  Thanks for inviting Jared and me along for such a cool event.  Thanks also to those of you who let me know what to do with my ball dilemma.



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