TWINS WIN! (Yankees drop BP bombs) – Balls 67-70 (September 25, 2012)

So, the Yankees can hit.  To which the appropriate response is, “Thanks, Captain Obvious!”  I was originally going to hit up the RF area for the lefties, but the season ticket holders with early entry didn’t really leave, so I ventured over to LF.  My buddy, Jared, was heading up to the upper deck, but I decided to stick it out in the 100 level… and I was dead wrong.  Sure, the crowd was ridiculous, but even that wasn’t the main deterrent, I honestly think more balls landed in the upper-deck than the lower.  I didn’t catch ONE ball during BP, I had to rely on my 2 Easter Eggs, and 2 post-BP toss-ups.

Balls 1 and 2:

Easter Eggs with no photos.  Believe me, they happened.  Uneventful and no photos, sorry.

Ball 3:

After getting shut-out in the Yankee bomb-fest I headed over to the bullpen area where a half a dozen balls were just laying there.  The security guard (who have historically been cold towards the idea of tossing up balls) decided to give away 4 balls.  Now, if I counted balls differently, my total would be skewed, as I caught these balls and gave them to the youngsters around me that were begging for the balls.  I do not count like that, just the ones that find a home in my future basement of Twin-dom.  Why am I mentioning this?  I normally don’t share my stories of giveaways/helping, but I couldn’t help it.  There was a super cool little-dude that had a glove that appeared to make up 25% of his total weight and was trying to shout, but it came out more like a sheepish little cry.  This kid wasn’t even tall enough to see over the railing in the photo below, but he was determined.  He was my favorite of the bunch, so he needed to be rewarded first.  After watching me hook up the little ones around me, the security guy tossed me my reward and I was then off to get my free soft-drink.

Here is the view of where I teamed up with the security guard.  I was up against the railing, of course.

Ball 4:

I made my way over to the dugout box seats and waited for the post-National Anthem warm-ups in hopes of another ball.  Jamey Carroll has been more than friendly with me and I was lucky that there were almost no kids around me, so I yelled “Jamey!” as he jogged back into the dugout after the warm-up with Trevor Plouffe and just like that it was the last ball of the night.

On the far right you can see Kevin Gorg for FSN doing the finishing touches on the pre-game show.  It was not exactly the best game for ballhawking, but that is fine since the Twins finally won while I was in attendance!  I had been feeling cursed, since it had been 3 months since I last saw a win at Target Field, and 2 months since a Twins win in person.  Now if I can just go to a game where I don’t cause Trevor Plouffe to go hit-less, then everything will be more than good.

*EDIT:  I nearly forgot, this was my 50th ball of the 2012 regular season!  it was also my 70th career ball!  Not too shabby.  Stay tuned for an interesting idea I have for next year, involving ballhawking and charity fundraising.  I hope there are people interested.*

Well, here is a shot of the gang:

The ball on the bottom left (the Yankee/security guard ball) is a bit wonky.  The stitching appears to be well below the standards for what would make it into a game, but it’s these abnormalities/differences that make hawking fun.

And here are my super-brief notes (I only noted the non-Easter Eggs, as the eggs don’t really require much in terms of memory):

Thank you for reading this post!  …And so begin the thank yous.  Thanks to the nice security guard for noticing the group of kids hoping for a ball, and a bigger personal thank you for tossing me one, too.  Thank you to Jamey Carroll for the toss-up.  This was the 4th toss-up from Jamey, 3rd one during the pre-game warm-ups; he’s a cool guy.  Lastly, thank you to the entire Twins team, more specifically Denard Span and Joe Mauer, for beating those stupid Yankees!  It had been a while since I got to witness a Twins win, and for it to be a victory over the Yankees to break that curse makes it all that sweeter.


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