Baseball is SOOOOO Far Away (An Adventure In Space AND Time)…

So, Twins baseball is months away.  I know that there is still playoff baseball going on, and I do love the dramatics of it all, but my team is not in it.  I wish I at least lived closer to a playoff team so i could just hop in my car and drive to see one of these games in person, but it’s not meant to be.

I did say that this was an adventure in space and time, so here is the countdown in time:

171 days until professional baseball in Minnesota.


Now how about the space part?  I will measure the space between me and some MLB stadiums (measured in distance AND time):

Target Field25.9 miles / 30 minutes


Milwaukee355 miles / 6 hours

Chicago 426 miles / 7 hours

Kansas City427 miles / 7 hours

St. Louis548 miles / 9 hours

Detroit710 miles / 12 hours

Cincinnati724 miles / 12.5 hours

Cleveland773 miles / 13 hours

Pittsburgh890 miles / 15 hours

Colorado900 miles / 14 hours

Texas981 miles / 16 hours

Houston1,185 miles / 19.5 hours

Milwaukee to Chicago – 90 miles / 1.5 hours

Cleveland to Pittsburgh – 133 miles / 2 hours

Detroit to Cleveland – 168 miles / 3 hours

Kansas City to St. Louis – 242 miles / 4 hours

Texas to Houston – 257 miles / 4.5 hours

Chicago to St. Louis – 303 miles / 5 hours

Chicago to Cincinnati – 303 miles / 5 hours

Kansas City to Texas – 560 miles / 9 hours


So there it is, the distance part is covered, too.  I have many more ballparks to attend, many of which are not even listed above, but the ones on this list are easiest to get to if I want to take a road trip.  I’d be lying if I said that the thought of hitting every AL Central ballpark in one season hasn’t crossed my mind.  (Yes, a bit ambitious, but if you can hit up Cleveland and Detroit in one trip, you could always swing through and see Chicago, too!  And Kauffman has become a yearly destination for me.)


Well, that’s about it from right now.  I have a few ideas for filler pieces until the season starts up again, but I’ll reveal them in time.


My parting gift to you, dear reader, is a free album!  Download this and share it with your friends.  I have no musical responsibility for this album (I wish i did), but I did help finance it, since I backed it on Kickstarter… so it’s kind of mine, right?

The album is great, and here’s a bonus for you, I will be writing about her performance at First Ave from a week ago.  It will include pictures!!


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