A Good Cause for 2013 – nami.org

After long deliberation, I have decided that the cause that I will be raising funds for in 2013 is…

NAMI.org – The National Alliance on Mental Illness

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, anxiety has battered me quite a bit this year, but through professional help I have been able to tame the wild animal and get things back to ‘normal’. I know that my problems are quite normal and even considered quite mild, so knowing that there are people that need help/resources that are going through even more difficult times this I kept asking myself, “How can I help?”

My first step in helping NAMI will be raising funds by ballhawking. I am sure that once I get more and more involved with the organization I will be able to find more ways to help, ones that are not only of a monetary-based nature, but I digress.

Below is a preliminary guideline of what I will be donating per ball (as well as other memorabilia, should I be lucky enough to snag something else):

  • Batting Practice (non-gamer) Ball: $1
  • Game-Used Baseball: $2
  • Game-Used Home Run Baseball: $5
  • Batting Gloves: $5/pair ($2.50 for a single glove)
  • Lineup Cards: $5/pair ($2.50 for a single card)
  • Bat: $10
  • Hat: $10
  • Helmet: $15
  • Cleats: $20/pair ($10 for a single shoe)
  • Jersey: $50
  • Fielding Glove: $50
  • Autograph: 50¢

Other miscellaneous items will be compared to the list above and determined shortly after receipt. I will more than likely include it in my post and ask if the value seems to be fair base don the checklist above.

Based on the ‘prices’ listed above, I would have donated a grand total of $105.50 for the 2012 season. I am hopeful that my total will be similar in 2013, but just in case I have a terrible year, I have also set a minimum of $50 for myself. I know that these prices are nowhere near what the market value is for these items, but the fact that all of the proceeds go to a great organization is the key. I will no be profiting off of my adventures, as I am just looking to decorate my basement with these cool souvenirs, so giving back only seems right.

If you would like to add to my donation total (ANY amount is a great amount) or if you’d like to join forces and snag balls for NAMI with me, please let me know in the comments below or feel free to email me at voan0201@gmail.com.

If I get a few people to donate I will even look to raffle off a few things that I come across throughout the year, think stadium giveaways and potentially tickets, should I not be able to use any of mine in my season ticket package. Just 1¢ per ball gets you in the drawing!

Thanks for listening and thank you to all of the other awesome ballhawks that gave me this idea to help give back to others! If you run a ballhawk-for-charity drive, please let me know, I’d like to help out, now that I feel like I am a member of the community. (I’m specifically calling you out, Mateo! Let me know how I can jump on board for 2013!)


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