Geography Lesson!! YAY!!!!!!! #DiscoverMauritius

Who knew that snagging baseballs would eventually mean learning about geography (outside of knowing the countries of origin for guys on the roster)?!  I have become obsessed with picking up new countries on my “stats” portion of this blog-feed.  I can see each hit that I get, what they were searching for, and more importantly, where their ISP address comes from!  How cool is that?!

So without further delay, here is the complete breakdown as of 10 am on 11/9/2012:

Not too shabby for only a couple of months of true existence.  My page has reached every continent with the exception of Antarctica.  (If you happen to be in the Antarctic continent while reading this, please let me know.  I’d love to hear from a scientist!)  As you can tell, my blog views are very low in Africa and South America; I do not know how I can solve this quickly, but maybe I will try to do a blog is terrible Spanish (as that is all I can speak).

The one country that most intrigued and excited me was “Mauritius”.  I thought it was going to end up being a Caribbean island, much like all of those tiny “Saint” islands scattered about in that area.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that is was just east of Madagascar.

I decided to google this country and learned a lot about the history and current state thanks to wikipedia.  I learned that their economy was heavily reliant upon cane sugar, but as of late ‘the 2012 Ibrahim Index of African Governance ranked Mauritius first in good governance.’  Congratulations people of Mauritius!  For being the 180st largest countries (out of 249), this seems like quite the honor.

The island itself looks beautiful!  (Do yourself a favor, do a google image search for “Mauritius” for even more photos)

If anyone from the board of tourism for Mauritius is reading this (or even a wealthy resident looking to show off your great country), please feel free to offer my wife and I a vacation to your beautiful island nation.  Have I mentioned that it looks GLORIOUS?!  I would love to take a ton of photos, write a great blog, and experience the local sports on this island.  Please Mauritius/rich person, PICK ME!  I’ll bring a baseball for you!


OK, enough of my self-promotion in hopes of free stuff…

I have no baseball news, so I think the geography lesson is the only thing I have for this post.  The next post will more than likely be the wacky/weird search terms that have brought people to this page.  Some of them are disturbing and others are just so random.  (I told you the off-season would be rough, no baseball means that this baseball blog needs to do some reaching until March.)

My thanks go out to all of the wonderful residents of Earth!  Thank you to everyone in the US that reads my blog, but an even bigger thank you to those who do not live in the US.  It’s very cool to see “America’s Favorite Past-time” drawing this many global hits, especially since many of you are not primarily English speakers.

P.S.  Thanks again, mystery Mauritius person!  Your country looks amazing!  Feel free to share more of it with me.  (If you cannot fly me out, just leave some comments below, writing will suffice.)


2 thoughts on “Geography Lesson!! YAY!!!!!!! #DiscoverMauritius

  1. I was actually thinking of doing the same exact blog entry (minus the part about Mauritius) almost a year ago. I have yet to check in a while, but one of my weirder stories is I remember I had a stretch of like 20 consecutive views from the Republic of Macedonia all from different IP addresses. I used to tweet a bunch on the random people who checked my blog, but with WordPress’ inbred stat thing, I have really stopped checking the statcounter I used to check everyday.

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