The Votes Are In…

After a long, contentious 2012 election, the results are in and the president has been re-elected.  I am not talking about President of the United States, but president of ballhawks… Zach Hample.

I am also pleased to say that my two new ballhawking friends also received some votes.  Mateo Fischer came in 5th, but took home the Junior Ballhawk of 2012 Award (for those who are 18 or younger as of July of that year).  While Paul received a vote for the regular ballhawk award and came in 5th for the Junior side.  Congrats guys!  As thanksgiving is only a day away, it’s appropriate that I give thanks for finding such awesome guys to hawk at Target Field with.

Here is the breakdown of the voting:



Thanks also go out to the member who voted for me.  In no way do I think that I am even in the same universe as these other guys, but I definitely do have fun and have found some great people that share the same passion as me.

Here is the usual part of my post where I give thanks, but as I have already done that AND my next post was Thanksgiving specific, it would only be redundant and steal some thunder for my next post.


2 thoughts on “The Votes Are In…

  1. As someone who has seen almost everybody on this list in action, you are definitely in the same universe; especially when you consider that you’re at Target Field and pretty new to ballhawking. Okay, so let me rephrase that. You’re way better than most of us at this stage of your ballhawking “career”. Also, I really am glad we have the group going at Target Field that we do. I’m just excited to eventually see Waldo. Although, I really wouldn’t want to compete with him, so I hope it would be my senior year that he gets un-banned… even though I know he’ll probably be back before that.

    • Ah, Waldo. Such an interesting guy, entangled with drama and history. Thank you for the kind comments, Mateo. I am currently trying to plot my strategy for 2013; get a game list, check my preparation strategy, think of plan of attack once inside Target Field, and most importantly, plan out seating for those games. Like I may have mentioned towards the end of last season, I think I am going to go after a true gamer HR, one I snag on the fly.
      Well, I am enjoying your offseason entries, they are a nice present in my mailbox. Keep up the good work and we’ll hopefully bump into each other in 2013! (Any chance you are going to check out TwinsFest?)

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