Happy Thanksgiving!!!

For those of you living in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving!  For those of you in Canada, happy very belated thanksgiving!  And for those of you elsewhere, happy Thursday Maximus (sounds like a decent made up holiday).

In this post I wanted to give a quick breakdown of what I am thankful for in the 2012 baseball season.

  1. New friends – I am thankful for meeting Mateo and Paul at Target Field.  They share the same weird passion as me for baseball and specifically, baseballs.  Here’s to 2013 and enjoying a few ballgames together!
  2. Trevor Plouffe – An all around nice guy who has been extra generous in helping me collect cool memorabilia for my eventual mancave.  Four official balls, a signed tee-ball, a pair of batting gloves, and a signed bat… what a 2012!  Here’s hoping that I get to see him on the field in the 2014 ASG at Target Field! (Gotta start the campaign early.)  Sincerely, THANK YOU!
  3. Robin Ventura – He was my childhood favorite, even bigger than Kirby Puckett to me!  …And I named my dog after Kirby!  I got to talk to Robin and he took the time to also hand me a ball and sign it for me.  It was truly a dream come true.  Thank you for bringing me back to my childhood!  I could feel my 10 year-old self taking over as I shook nervously that this was ACTUALLY happening.
  4. The Chicago White Sox – I was able to snag 15 of my 63 balls in 2012 when the White Sox were in town.  My career high for one game is 7, and I have done this twice, both at Target Field with the Twins and White Sox playing.  It may sound weird coming from a Twins fan (usually any thanks to the Sox is either for choking or meant with heavy sarcasm), but I honestly thank ‘the enemy’ because many of those balls came of the bats or hands of a Sox player/coach.
  5. Jamey Carroll – Jamey was the player of the year for 2012 in my book because he tossed me the most balls (5).  Jamey is a very cool guy and showed tremendous hustle and passion this year.  I think he was able to rub off on the young guys in a positive way, too.  Thanks, Jamey!
  6. The Twins Bat Boy – I am sorry that I do not know his name, but he was huge for me this year!  I got my first game home run tossed up from him (hit by Dustin Ackley), in all, he also tossed me 5 balls this year (a tie with Jamey Carroll for the most in 2012).  Thank you!
  7. The Minnesota Twins – It’s been a tough 2 years, but the slight improvement over last year is not a bad thing.  Add on top of that the player interaction and overall great attitudes the players have, and it’s hard NOT to root for these guys.  Hopefully the off-season treats everyone well and with a few new pieces we can make a push in 2013.  Plus, we received word this year that we will host the 2014 All-Star Game!
  8. Pedro Florimón – Thanks for the toss up of the batting glove at the last home game!  As I mentioned in my thanks above, I am putting together a collection for the eventual Twins-themed basement, and these will fit nicely next to my pair of Cuddy gloves. Gracias!
  9. Hammond and Kauffman Stadium – I had a blast in Fort Myers for my first time at Twins’ Spring Training!  I want to do it all again, if only it were closer to home.  And then there is Kauffman Stadium, in my second trip back, you provided me with a handful of balls, lineup cards, and an AWESOME Twins win in extra innings! I love this stadium!  I will be back! (maybe yearly?)  Thank you to both stadiums for providing a new scenery for me to watch my Minnesota Twins.
  10. My Wife – I know, I know, it sounds “suck-up-y”, but it’s not.  She puts up with my weirdness (catching baseballs, dressing up as bigfoot, getting to games hours before gates open, etc.), all for a game that she isn’t exactly a huge fan of.  We also took time off from work in order to go to Florida and Kansas City as well as plan family time around it.  So with the deepest of heartfelt sincerity, THANK YOU!  This may be listed as number 10 on the list, but isn’t the best saved for last?  (you are my marshmallows in my lucky charms, I would eat all the rest just to savor you… that sounds like I’m a cannibal, I am not.)


Oh, I nearly forgot (which is silly of me), but I forgot because I also forget that other people actually read this…

THANK YOU, DEAR READER!  Whether you check this blog on a semi-regular basis, or are a casual googler that is searching for “does school still give out dolls on human growth”, thanks for stopping!

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Even though our encounters as a group of three have taken place over the course of a month, it seems we have a pretty good group going at Target Field. But the real purpose of this comment: I definitely will be at TwinsFest all three days. In New York, both teams feel they are too good to do a similar thing, so I have never been to a fan fest before. And with my favorite team? Are you kidding me? It’s going to be awesome. I may even be joining you in becoming a plan-holder, but that’s pending a lot of things since I won’t be here for most of the Twins’ season.

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