Three Days, But Who’s Counting?

Just 72 hours from now I hope to be somewhere near St. Louis, MO.  My goal?  Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Tampa, FL.  I was originally looking at going to 5 games, but due to time constraints and the rather high prices to make it to the last game (3/22 Yankees at Twins), I will instead be taking in “only” 4 games.  Four games in March is definitely a win in my book, though.

So, am I all packed?  You tell me…

photo 1

And of course, LIQUIDS!

photo 2

I am hoping that 60 bottles of hydrating liquids will get me through 4 games (5 full days in the Florida sun and heat).  At the very least, I will be urinating like a champ!

Did you see the sign above?  Can you tell that the weather is important?  I am so very excited to be leaving the cold and snow and viewing baseball in an area of the country that has NO chance of snow.  (Twins Opening Day will be dicey enough, so I might as well take my “sun + baseball” while I can.)

As if I was going to let you off the hook that easily… Here’s more weather:

Travel Forecast

That is the forecast for my two days of driving down to Florida.  I gain 40 degrees and ditch frozen precipitation for sun (and sunscreen… uber-white-boy problems, don’t want to come back with blisters).

Once I am in Florida, here is my schedule:

  • Sunday, March 17Twins at Baltimore Orioles (Sarasota, FL)
  • Monday, March 18Miami Marlins at Twins (Fort Myers, FL)
  • Tuesday, March 19OFF DAY (Beach and maybe take a look at the Red Sox facility)
  • Wednesday, March 20 – Tampa Rays at Twins (Fort Myers, FL)
  • Thursday, March 21Twins at New York Yankees (Tampa, FL)
  • Friday, March 22 – Head back home 😦


Anyone else going down to Spring Training?  I know that Shawn is going to the Cactus league and taking in some WBC games during the same time period.  We talked about doing some type of “dueling blog” thing or somehow tying our ideas together, but as I will only have my iPhone with me, my ability to put together blog entries will be sub-par… at least I’ll have time on my hands as I’m alone in my hotel room.  It won’t be impossible to make posts, but don’t be too harsh if I need to make plenty of fixes and reformat them once I get back from my adventures.  Hopefully I will be able to make a small dent in my wallet for my good cause –

Thank you, weather and baseball gods, for allowing me to participate in another great looking Spring Training.  Thank you to my wife for letting me go on this solo adventure; I know that it was not her type of adventure, so going solo is not a bad thing.  Lastly, thank you, cheap food (ramen, rice cakes, and water), you make this trip possible.  I am being as cheap as possible in order to pull this trip off, so the road trip in conjunction with crappy hotels and low quality food will make this adventure a REAL adventure.


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