Nashville, TN – My Visit to Third Man Records!

This picture will do all the talking…


This was my first time to Third Man Records. As a music fan, a fan of PHYSICAL media, a lover if music, and a follower of Jack White’s musical endeavors, I HAD to check this out. Now I am thankful for that 1-2 hour delay in Kentucky the night before. Had there been no delay, I would have probably slept somewhere AFTER Nashville. I even waited outside the store for about one and a half hours (didn’t open until 10, and I had no clue where to go on a Saturday morning in Nashville.

The place was tiny, but the feeling definitely was special. It’s like being exposed to how a baby is born… only a lot less bloody, a lot less screaming, and completely pleasant for all parties involved (no one needed a C-section to deliver me my vinyl).

Huge thank you to the awesome lady who was working that morning. Sorry I was a creep, but as the neighborhood seemed sketchy and I had no clue about anything Nashville (other than a hockey team named the Predators), I had no where else where I could wait. I even got to see the awesome Scopitone in action… don’t worry, I’ll keep it a secret! 🙂

Check it out, the only Scopitone machine still in working order… playing DEAD LEAVES AND THE DIRTY GROUND!



2 thoughts on “Nashville, TN – My Visit to Third Man Records!

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