Call Me Trained and Ready to Go – Balls 95-98 (March 21, 2013)

Forgive me for such a short post, but I have to wake up in about 6 hours and begin my 1600 mile journey back home. To say that I miss my bed and HATE motels would be a gross understatement.

I finished the trip with a total of 18 MLB balls and 2 MiLB balls, 1 batting glove, and 2 lineup cards.

Ball #1:
Nearly four and a half hours before the game I was able to secure my streak. I got a toss-up from the groundskeeper, it was stuck underneath a tarp that was taken off in the RF 6-man bullpen area.


Ball #2:
After the gates opened (I got in 30 minutes early because my tickets were season ticket holder tix), I raced over to the RF seats only to find out that it was restricted. The old guys did not allow me to chase down any of the homers that were being blasted. There was no one else around and yet, I had to stay back. One guy tossed me a ball and then when a group of about a dozen college boys came over, they were allowed in the restricted area, but once they caught one they had to leave (“those were the rules” – really?! The rules YOU made up?!).

More on this story in the big blog.

Ball #3:
When the Twins took BP I shifted over to the Twins side, but as far down the line as possible. I nearly snagged one right away down the line, but as I did not get a good feel for the area, my glove came up short. A little while later another scorcher when down the line and into the seats, immediately hit the first row and then into my ribs. It’s tough to gauge a weird hop like that, so I just tried to put my body in front of it… and my ribs still kind of ache.


Ball #4:
I made my way down towards the dugout a while later, since the 3rd base screen was moved to a position which all but eliminated balls down the line. That’s when I got Miguel Sano (in his first game with the big squad) to toss me a ball. Yes!! I really have high hopes for him.


Towards the end if the game, Darin Mastroianni was pulled and decided to toss up his batting gloves, and I got one! Then after the game I went over to the dugout area closest to home plate and asked Joe Vavra for the lineup cards. He tossed me the Yankees card which is signed by Joe Girardi. Although I did not ask for the signature, I will still count it as such in my donation total. I will always lean I the side of donating more rather than less.

Here’s the family picture.

My thanks go out to the entire state of Florida for having weather that supports this great baseball culture. Also, thanks of course to the Yankee bomber (no thanks to the ushers), the Twins rocket launcher (and my ribs), Miguel Sano, Darin Mastroianni, Joe Vavra, and the Yankees groundskeeper.

And one last photo before my break to write the much longer entry.


So long Florida, I will be exiting early in the morning, and I did not want to wake you. Let’s hope the drive home is quick and safe. I cannot wait until I am I my own bed!

5 thoughts on “Call Me Trained and Ready to Go – Balls 95-98 (March 21, 2013)

    • Thanks, Paul! I will be at Opening Day FOR SURE! I am hoping to hit #100 there, it;d be cool if it were a gamer (I’ll try to just get on the board with one during warm-ups/BP). Are you going to be there at all? The suckiest thing about the Ushers? They ended up pocketing about 5 balls each… it’d be nice if I could guarantee myself a nice figure like that by making up my own rules, too!

      Now to work on the massive blog post. This one actually required me writing up notes by hand! Who wants some “game used” notes? 🙂

      PS: I picked up something for you at the Orioles park on 3/17. It was a freebie that I thought you’d like (magnet schedule), plus I found an extra ticket from a game at the Twins complex on 3/18. I’ll give you those next time I see you. I’ll probably also try to find a few other things here and there, as a thank you for the donation.

      • That all sounds so interesting! Thanks for picking up some souvenirs for me, I LOVE tickets from baseball games, especially in cases like this!
        As of now, I’m not going to opening day (mostly because i’m leaving for WI the next day). I’ll let you know if that changes though!
        -Paul K

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