I Am NOT Old; It Is TIME That Is The Old One

As much as I am saddened by the number my age carries (29), I take some comfort in knowing that I do NOT feel old, and if 30 signifies adulthood and a foot in the grave, I will NOT be 30 next year.

Yes,the swan song of my 20s has begun, I am officially 29.  While the last digit and even the first digit may be close to the truth (I act like I am either 9, 19, or in my 20s), I cannot conceive those two digits together, and what it means in another 365 days.


There is a bit of good news.  The first may not mean much to you, but my wife’s favorite number is 29, so I’ve got that going for me.  (OK, maybe it means something to you, if you are in the small percentage of people who has a fondness for numbers and gravitates towards a number that hockey goalies, running backs, or first basemen wear.)

Famous “29”s:

  • Rod Carew – Only 29 retired in the AL – TWO teams (Twins and Angels)
  • John Smoltz – Only 29 retired in NL (Braves)
  • Martin Brodeur (I am a Patrick Roy fan, so this is a tough one to list)
  • Ken Dryden
  • Tony Esposito (OK, one year with the Canadiens, not exactly his retired #35)
  • Marc-Andre Fleury
  • Terry Sawchuk (Again, a one year thing, with the Red Wings, not exactly his retired #1)

Oh, I nearly forgot the big reason why my birthday isn’t all bad.  I get to give myself a great birthday present.  In 4 days it is Opening Day, and not just that, the Twins actually get to spend Opening Day at home this year.  Of course I will be there!!  Happy birthday to me, indeed.

Lastly, I would be silly not to call out a fantastic blog post done by the great Paul.  I was very honored to be a part of his Fans of Target Field post.

Here is the conversation we had:

I have said this before, both on this blog, on Twitter, and commenting on Paul’s blog, but I will say it again, Paul is doing great things and chasing his dreams.  Make sure you give him some support, check out his videos, read his blog, and try to hook up with him for a game.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to say that you knew the next Joe Buck?!

Well, that’s enough self-reflection and self-centered-ness for one day.  I’d like to thank my parents for making me, I’m glad that I was the swimmer that beat out my evil brother or sister to the egg – trust me, they were EVIL.  Thanks to my wife for a great night of cupcakes (I love sugar and baked goods) and possibly Wreck It Ralph.  Thank you, dear readers – it amazes me that I like to write, let alone people take their time to read what I write – THANK YOU.

PS – I have not forgotten about my massive blog.  I just need some time to dedicate to the formatting photos and sitting in front of a computer screen.

PPS – A nice little ditty I like to play on my date of birth:


2 thoughts on “I Am NOT Old; It Is TIME That Is The Old One

  1. Tony, I didn’t know it was your birthday today… Happy Birthday!! I have always thought you looked more like 25, but I digress. It was very kind of you to write about me in your blog entry. I hope you know that it means a lot!
    As for the birthday music, you have good taste 🙂
    -Paul K

    • Thanks, Paul! Glad you enjoyed the Beatles. It meant to me to be included in your fine history of interviews, so the feelings are mutual.

      Glad to hear that you are coming to Target Field in a couple of days!!

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