From Minnesota, With Love… (Sign up for something FREE!)

The purpose of this entry is two-fold:

  1. Gauge interest on a rather unconventional type of blog entry
  2. Sales pitch to “Explore Minnesota”  (<– This one will be the tougher of the two)


Part 1: Unconventional blog entry:

I had an idea during the off-season, before Mr. Hample started showing his his hand-written journal entries on his throwback-blog-posts, of doing a blog entry using nothing but a pad of paper and a pencil.  This idea stay dormant as I tried to think of the practicality and execution.  During my boredom down-time in my hotel room during Spring Training I started to mold this idea as if it were Jell-O (or cookie dough, or Play-Doh, or any kind of dough!).  Finally, when I finished my journey, I threw the idea out there and talked to Quinn Imiola:

The original plan started as just writing the entry on paper, scanning it in, and then posting to my blog.  But that was just too simple for me.  I then asked if kids still used wooden pencils in schools, because I realized that I could not remember the last item I used a non-mechanical pencil.  Quinn chimed in and it spiraled from there.  Soon my blog entry would not only be written, it was going to be written using a wooden pencil… then snail mail got involved… and finally the idea of using a disposable camera was the cherry on top.

So I present you with this plan:

  • ME:  I will send out (all postage paid by me) a handwritten blog entry, complete with printed photos, which you will receive BEFORE the entry is ever posted on this blog.  Each letter will be handwritten, which is both awesome AND terrifying – depending on the number of people interested.
  • YOU:  In order to receive this blog entry, please leave a comment below stating your level of interest – subscribe to this blog and you get brownie points.  Then go to follow me on Twitter (link is on the right-hand side “widget” portion this page), and once you have followed me you can DM me your mailing address…
  • ME:  You do not have to DM me your mailing address immediately, as I still have to choose which game I will be “Retro-Blogging” about.  The date will be based on the number interested, since this will no doubt require more time than a typical blog entry, and I do not want it to cause a log-jam for entries that may follow it.

Once everyone has received their “Retro-Blog” in the mail, I will then post it on this site (using scans and typing a transcript in case my writing is less than perfect).

I hope this grand experiment works.  I am a huge supporter and fan of physical media (I still buy CDs, appreciate vinyl much more than mp3s, and would rather own a DVD than stream) and I cannot go to a sporting event without having a physical ticket.  So this bit of tangibility to my blog seemed like a very natural way to express show a personal touch.


Part 2: Do you have enough balls to live in Minnesota?

Yep, I just used a “balls” pun on my ballhawking/baseball blog, and I’m OK with that.

In case you do not live in our great state, you may not know the news.  So I’ll give you the pictorial version:


NOAA Update

(Thanks: NOAA and Paul Douglas)

Yep.  It is now mid-April and we are talking about a foot of snow.  I was trying to put together plans for the game on Friday, but now I do not know what to expect.  I will still probably try to show up, but I wouldn’t mind showing up to the game wearing just one layer of clothes.

So I will repeat my question; do you have enough balls to live in MinneSNOWta?  Would you like to ballhawk in this lovely weather?

My answer?  Well, I am probably a true Minnesotan, through and through.  I have a sort of love/hate relationship with the weather.  I absolutely LOVE the idea of such extremes, and when storms/extreme temperatures show up on the forecast, I go ape!  I want to experience records, I want to live in a place that is volatile, unpredictable, and has has a bi-polar climate.  Then reality sinks in.  It is now April, baseball season has started, and we still have to deal with snow.  I have moved on, I no longer want to set records.  I have to travel in this mess, and let me tell you, even though I am only 13 miles from work, it can sometimes take 2 hours… and this is why I HATE the exact thing I said I loved just sentences ago.

Sure, weather is not permanent, the snow will melt soon enough, but damn these conflicting feelings!

I guess I should just ride the wave.  I’ll have to find a sled, grab my baseball glove, and just roll with what the sky brings me.  Either way, I am determined to have a ball.


Thanks go out to all who decide to take part in my blog-speriment.  Tell a friend, share it!  I don’t mind having a list so long that I get carpal tunnel syndrome.  Thank you to mother nature, you certainly have a sense of humor!  Lastly, a self-centered thanks to my ability to pun – I start with a “ball” pun and end with one in the paragraph above… well played, brain!

8 thoughts on “From Minnesota, With Love… (Sign up for something FREE!)

  1. I like the idea of mailing the entry out. Pick a game with the Indians involved 🙂

  2. I like the retro blogging idea! As far as the weather goes, I will be getting around 7-8 inching of snow… i’m not excited for it. I’m going to wearing shorts and a tee-shirt anyways because i dont want to “accept” the snow.
    Looking forward to the retro entry (whenever it may be)!
    -Paul K

  3. Mateo – Game day is here, i’ll see you at the newly snow-decorated gates!

    Jared – I tried to find an Indians one, but the best one was the last game of the year, and since that one can get long (and I would like to post stats ASAP), I decided that one wouldn’t work. 😦

    Paul – How much snow did you end up with? Any ice? As much as I loved this weather growing up, the fact that it causes headaches and more work as an adult makes me despise it. First night game at Target Field tonight, wish me luck (and warmth)!

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