Throwback Thursday – Saint Cloud State Huskies in the Frozen Four!

In honor of my alma mater making the NCAA Frozen Four for the first time in school history, I thought I’d post my first ever Throwback Thrusday…

So without any further delay, let’s show some school spirit!!  S-C-S-U

My first ever “body paint” experience (2003-04 season):


(R to L: “Crazy Dan”, Me, “Lester”, and my future wife, Jael)


(The back of my painted “shirt”)


(Me and “Crazy Dan” – Funny story, Crazy Dan loved hockey but had never played.  The following year I asked if he’d be interested in lacing up for our intramural team and he was thrilled!  Our team made dreams come true!)


(If I were to go back in time and find one day where my personality changed drastically, this would be the day.  Until then I was mainly reserved, and didn’t do crazy things so publicly.  I came out of my shell that day, for good or for bad, it was because Crazy Dan got me to body paint.)


Painted Jersey:


(Unfortunate headline, especially given my pose.  But good news, I brought my remote to the game!?!?!?!)


(The woman next to me, my future wife, painted this excellent jersey on me.  Just a word to the wise, paint takes forever to come off, and if you use red, lay down a white base first… red stains and makes you look like you have a very patterned sunburn.)


Not A Gopher Fan:


(Step One: Center your characters… and have fun doing it.  NOT HER!)


(As any good SCSU husky would, I was not a University of Minnesota Golden Gophers fan – I keep that “hatred” to this day.  Unlike most sane fans, I decided to wear my feeling on my chest… in paint form.  This is also made funnier because I (jokingly) accused one of my friends of being a Gopher fan, since he wandered in after the rest of the student section had arrived.  The entire student section booed him, and he had a look of “what the?! I go to SCSU!  I like the Huskies!” on his face.  It was priceless.)


(Even though I’m no Gopher fan, you gotta respect the Woog!  Doug seemed a bit floored that a person was crazy enough to get painted.)


(And then there is coach Craig Dahl.  The man who was coach at the beginning of my college career was nice enough to stop by the Dog Pound and meet the fans.)


The Birth of Waldo (Introduction of Signage):


(I was thinking Arby’s and had SCSU tattoos on areas that may have offended people… had I been a woman.  Do not confuse the tattoos for the now banned CONFETTI.  Confetti part 2, towards the end of this promo.)


(During my mid-years, this sign was used a bit too much.  I believe that with such a long line of legendary signs, a few of them deserve a spot in the SCSU Hall of Fame.)


(Since I didn’t want to keep investing both time and money into body painting, I decided to make my own Waldo shirt.  Being a thrifty college student, I used a red marker and one of my white t-shirts.  I bought a white hat and used the same red marker and did the same as thing to it as my shirt.)


(A couple that Waldos together, stays together… and wins $50 to a hotel!  We ended up going there for a nice Valentine’s dinner and ate like kings.  When you are used to cafeteria food and you get to eat steak/lamb with fancy veggies, it makes looking like fools WELL worth it!)


(What a trio!!  If that doesn’t strike fear directly into your tiny, mortal heart, I don’t know what will.)


(The double couple.  Soon you’ll be looking at two married couples.)


(Waldo shirt #2.  After the other one got stink and bled, I decided to make a second version.  Jael mocked me by wearing a real polo that was Waldo-like and DIDN’T required markers.)


(I believe that I was out of school by this time, but Jael was still attending, as well as many of my friends.  This sign is one that would probably be a first ballot HoF sign.  I also upgraded to a real shirt, no markers, bought at the store the way you see it.)


Confetti, CONFETTI!!!!!:


(A short-lived tradition.  We made our mark though, successfully implementing a rule against our antics.)


(The aftermath.)


And now a few randoms:


(First summer after college.  Oh, how we were young!)


(We’re bringing sexy back.  Yeah!  I believe it was Halloween, that’s the reason why I am wearing a wig.)


(Tiger Woods, minus the cheating, minus the being good at golf, minus the bank account, and minus the obvious difference in skin tones… but other than that, pretty much Tiger Woods.)


No Talent Ass Clowns:


(Listening to a sweet mix to get me jacked before I went to my hockey game.  I am sure it contained “Queen of the Rodeo” by Alice In Chains.)


(Dave’s a killer!  Dave’s a mess.  I didn’t actually lick/bite my wife’s roommate’s head.)


(Notice the old school phone hanging on the wall?  Yep, I didn’t have a cell phone all throughout college.)


(Music posters.  A room FULL of music posters.  My walls were EPIC!  Do you fear that fierce hockey goon?)


(My hockey team was named the “No Talent Ass Clowns”.  We took our name from Office Space – OK, I named it – and it was originally intended to be funny.  After 3 years and NO wins, the name was not a joke, but a brutally honest confession of skill.  We ended up with a lifetime total of ONE win!  But we also gave at least 3 people a chance to play hockey that had never really skated in their life.  We didn’t take it too seriously, though my temper sometimes got the best of me.  I left SCSU with the career lead in all offensive categories for NTAC, and even most goals allowed in a game in the one attempt at mimicking Patrick Roy – my hockey idol.)


Thank you and congrats to the 2012-13 Men’s Hockey Team at Saint Cloud State!  Good luck in Pittsburgh!


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Saint Cloud State Huskies in the Frozen Four!

    • YOU were the guy?! I nearly put up a photo of you and the “We Want Free Sh*t” sign, but I held back. So many signs, i may have to talk to Jared about retiring one of them in my basement one day.

      When are you coming back up to MN, Kent?

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