Record Store Day 2013 – Electric Fetus in Minneapolis, MN (April 20, 2013)


Baseball needs a soundtrack, right?  Well, I think it does; so I chose to spend 5+ hours that I would normally dedicate to sleeping to sitting outside in record low temperatures.  Sure, it may not be the -60 degrees (Fahrenheit) that Minnesota is known for, but this is April!  The old record was 26 set back in 1888… that’s 125 years ago!  This morning it was:


Simply put, we shattered the record!

“And what time did you get up?” the reader asked.  Well, here’s a screenshot of my alarm:


Yep, 3:30 am.  If I were to take a guess at what time I finally was able to fall asleep, it was probably closer to 11 pm than 10.

My wife had waffled worse than Brett Favre contemplating retirement.  One day she was in, then the next she was out, then it sped up like contractions in pregnancy might.  I swear, she was changing her mind multiple times per minute.  But in all, she decided to partake in the experience (probably just to make sure I wasn’t the only loser there, making it easy to get mugged or stabbed).

The doors to Electric Fetus opened at 9, so when we showed up in the below-freezing temps at 4:20 (yep, on 4/20 as we were going to a record store that also served as a head-shop… we do NOT puff, but if you do, that’s your own thing) we still had about 5 hours until we would be done shopping – it only took us 20 minutes to shop, but over 4.5 hours to wait.

I had a list of goodies picked out. *EDIT: I have attached my list below*  I forgot to taker a picture of that, but my list was handwritten and color coded based on the level that I wanted it – green meant I wanted it badly, yellow meant I would like it, and red meant that only if they had it and I was under the quota would I purchase it.

RSD List

Here is the damage that was done (I was going to save this for last, as it is the most “epic” of pictures, but it works better for the story now):


Jael purchased some of these as a Christmas gift that I will finally receive in 8 months.  But I’ll show you some of the madness, then breakdown some of the individual releases.


First Stop – Electric Fetus:


I was 18th in line, and Jael was 19th.  In years past I had shown up around 4 and been 2nd in line.  People are catching on and I don’t like it!


This was the craziness at about 7 am.  By the time the doors opened, the line was definitely past the Wendy’s – a block down the street.  I know that I saw the number 252 passed out, so there were at least that many people.


I did not plan on going to multiple stores today, but out of the 3 that I stopped at (because I was chasing down a Frank Turner 7″ that no one had) Electric Fetus was the only one that had a decent set of “rules and regulations” that made the process as smooth as possible.


Here are the first people going through the RSD exclusive treasures.  My turn was soon to come… (see treasures above, again, for my glorious haul)


Second Stop – Treehouse Records:


We stopped at Treehouse and then Cheapo, but did not find that Frank Turner piece that I so badly NEEDED.  I still do not have it, so if you are looking to be generous and donate… 😉


Last Stop – HOME:

We are dead tired, but here is a short little blurb about some of the highlighted releases that I procured:


The Hold Steady – Side A: Criminal Fingers (a new track from their upcoming album), Side B: The Bear and The Maiden Fair (a little track from an episode of the much loved Game of Thrones)



Elliott SmithAlternate Versions From Either/Or – If you have not listened to Elliott Smith, do so NOW!  Either/Or and From A Basement On The Hill are AMAZING, the rest of his songs/albums are great, too, but start there.



Kate NashFree My Pussy – Of course she means cat, look at the sticker!  Oh, Kate.  Jael mocked me for getting this “girly disc”, but she is also the one giving it to me for Christmas.



Pink FloydSee Emily Play – Yep, who doesn’t like Pink Floyd?!



Coheed and CambriaThe Afterman: Descension (Big Beige Demos) – The photo does not do it justice, the color of this “coke bottle” vinyl is outstanding!



The White StripesElephant (10th Anniversary Edition) – Beautiful vinyl, as always from Jack and his group at Third Man Records.  Remember when I went there?


I got a few more albums, but they are ones that Jael is going to give me later, so I can’t show much more detail than that which you can see in the massive photo above.

I urge you, go to a record store, pick up at least one random record and open your mind.  You are supporting a great business, and the prices are comparable to a download… but you get to have a physical piece of art as well as the music!


HUGE thanks to my wife for going with me.  It was fun, and we can now say we went to the coldest Record Store Day in history!  Thanks to Electric Fetus, Treehouse Records, and Cheapo for the great times.  Thanks to the people providing freebies along the way, from donuts and coffee to stickers and 7″ records.  Lastly, thanks to the people that came up with this great HOLIDAY.  It truly is a holiday for me and many other music-junkies.


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