Game On? (Miami Marlins at Minnesota Twins – Postponed – April 22, 2013)

*EDIT: The game HAS been POSTPONED*


Back to the original post:

“Game on!” shout the Twins early in the year as the schedule is released to the public.

The Marlins counter back in acknowledgement, “Game on!”

And now, Mother Nature comes driving in, threatening the Twins, via Target Field’s meteorologist, to shout, “Car!!!”

What am I talking about?…

This is a perfect analogy for what may happen due to yet another winter storm.  I hope the fans aren’t treated like Stacy by the Twins, a nice heads up before getting to the stadium would be great.  I also use the term “winter storm” loosely, as we are now over a month in to spring.  In less than 2 months the days will officially become shorter (summer solstice), and we even have 70s and 80s talked about by the weekend and early next week.

But instead, I may have my Marlins/Twins game postponed and rescheduled tomorrow as a doubleheader.  I would be excited about this, but I then have to rearrange work schedules (possibly) and worry about what type of batting practice routine will be done tomorrow.  Will I go to the first game?  Second game?  Do I do my first ever twin-bill?  These are all questions circling my brain, all because of this…


Five to NINE inches of snow.  On April 22.  This is ridiculous.

Another reason why it could suck?  I chose to do my “retro blog post” for this game.  I am all prepared, too.  I have my pencils, pencil sharpener, note pad (though my blog post note pad will be bigger – and yellow), as well as a disposable camera, my stickers for any balls I snag, and the drawstring bag from the stadium giveaway.

Retro Blog Gear

See?!  I even have proof of the “retro gear”!

Well, I guess I’ll just sit back and send out some positive vibes; it’s really all I can do.  if you haven’t signed up for the blog post to be delivered in the mail yet, please comment and follow my blog, then follow me on Twitter and I’ll DM people for their addresses when i am ready to send in the mail.  I am guessing that the post will be online about a week or so after the game.

I have forgotten about this for a while, probably because the weather has been testing my sanity, but:


Heck, the Twins have a winning record about 10% of the way through the season, something they didn’t have all of 2011 AND 2012!!

Thanks to Mother Nature/Earth for this poetic winter-slap in the face!  Maybe this will remind people how what we are doing to the Earth doesn’t just lead to “global warming”, but true “climate change”.  Do some research on this Earth Day, see how you can make a difference and allow future generations to have a fighting chance to live on an planet that has reasonable and stable climates.

PS: I cannot wait for my Rain Gauge from the Twins for Earth Day.  I really hope they re-brand it as a “snow gauge” to have some fun with the wacky weather as of late.


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