Thank You!

I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for the support and feedback on the last blog post.  I am actually at a loss for words right now to describe what it meant to me, but just know that it was very touching.

Now to turn the gears back to baseball, I will be posting the “retro blog” post that I promised a while back.  This special post will be a scan of the handwritten blog that a handful of lucky individuals will probably receive on the same day that I post it here (Friday evening – May 10th).

***As an aside, May 10th is also the 19th anniversary of one of the best albums of all-time – Weezer’s self-titled debut album, known simply as “The Blue Album” – as well as the 8th anniversary of another platinum album by Weezer, “Make Believe”.  Yes, they are still my “favorite band of all-time”; though it’s probably more sentimental than anything else, since they haven’t released a true “good album” for quite some time.***

On May 11th I will be attending my first Twins game since the April 23rd game, which the retro blog will be detailing.  To be “off” for nearly 3 weeks from baseball makes me feel kind of weird.  I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to go to a game and it feels like a whole new season.  Hopefully I can add a few baseballs to the collection, especially since it’s Mental Health Awareness month and my donations are going towards the cause…

Which leads me to my last bit of news.  I have decided (literally 2 minutes ago, as I write this) that I will be donating an extra 50% for anything I snag/receive during a game in May.  As I said before, since the funds are going to NAMI, and they are the ones putting together the awareness during May, it is only fitting.


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