It’s Been A While – Balls 119-122 (May 11, 2013)

Before “part two” of 2013 season officially began for me – as the title suggested, it had been a while – I had to have a refreshing drink to give me energy for the game.



A nice tall glass (or two) of Watermelon Kool-Aid.  It’s so delicious!

Once I felt I had enough strength, I departed for Target Field.  This was not the first time since April 23rd, but this was the first ballgame I would be attending since then.  I had visited Target Field on May 4th to take a special photo for my instagram project.



May 4th was the 20th birthday of my late childhood “puppy,” Kirby.  Even though she was a girl dog, I still named her Kirby, after the great Kirby Puckett.  You have to remember that we got her in 1993 and I was 9 years old.  Coming off of a great World Series win less than 2 years ago, how could I not name my first dog Kirby?  The photo above is of a panel of names that were etched in glass; season ticket holders had priority to purchase a line and my parents were awesome enough to give this to me for Christmas.  Now whenever I go to a baseball game, I see her name under the “Passion” panel of etched names (I’m pretty sure she is the only dog that has her name on the boards, too).

So with enough liquid to keep me hydrated, enough sugar to keep me energized, and a decent short term memory, I was able to find Target Field once again.  I arrived at 3:45 for a 6:10 game.  Gates opened at 4, so I was NOT first in line for the first time in forever.  Nope, I was second in line and when they opened the gates I positioned myself to be first in one of the lines.  I picked up my Dairy Queen Twins hat.  The hat is just a cheap rendition of the BP hats that the Twins use, and I am sad to say that I did NOT win a Dairy Queen cake (if your hat had a purple sticker under the bill, you won).

So once I entered the gates I jogged over to section 101 and walked down looking for an Easter Egg or two.  It had been a while since I actually found an Easter Egg, when…

Ball #1

…I found this beauty!



It was hiding underneath a seat in the first row when there is a narrow area for water to stream from above and into grates.

Ball #2 and #3:

The second ball of the day came shortly after when the Twins wrapped up their portion of BP.  Usually you get to see about 15 minutes of the Twins take BP on the weekend, and rather than compete for the one or two dingers that make it into the seats, I positioned myself by the dugout, knowing the odds were much better by going that route.  Sure enough, Chris Parmelee hooked me up with number two of the day and number 120 overall.  After that I went over to the Orioles side as they were warming up before taking their rips and got former Twin, Alexi Casilla, to hook me up with lifetime number 121, that’s eleven… SQUARED!



During BP I went over to the left field bleacher area, but the place was actually quite packed.  I guess the giveaway coupled with a weekend game really brought out the crowd (even if it was a bit chilly, but more on that later).  I didn’t come close to any and just felt crowded, especially for a stadium that really only has 10 somewhat decent rows to catch a ball in the outfield.

Ball #4:

My last ball was also tossed to me, but this time it was by an Orioles coach as they cleaned up the field on their way in from BP.  I don’t know who it was other than he was wearing a catcher’s mitt and was older and plump.  Does that help anyone that my be familiar with Orioles coaches?



After that I tried for another toss up after the Twins did their warm-ups after the national anthem, but it wasn’t happening.  Then I decided that I would not play for toss-ups this game, and so I headed to right field for a hopeful bomb.

Here was my view (Mateo has seen this very view NUMEROUS times):



And this was my picture for my instagram project, from the same location:



And I wouldn’t be a Minnesotan if I didn’t complain about the weather.  How can it only be in the low 50s for a high with a 23 mph wind?!  That means we were experiencing temps that would also have to be explained by “wind chill.”  Dang…



Needless to say, it felt quite chilly if you were not in the sun, and since the sun was setting, it was hard to stay in the light, plus the temps would only fall.  Blah!  I cannot wait for a game where I can wear shorts and sandals and not have to worry about goosebumps.


Well, let’s finish this off and give some thanks.  Thank you Chris Parmelee and Alexi Casilla.  It feels weird thanking two Twins names, but only having one be a current Twin.  Alexi was a player that I disliked for such a long time but I finally warmed up to him within the last 2 years, once I finally saw some of his personality come through at a function he was a part of.  Also, thank you to the Orioles coach.  I am sorry that you are nameless on this blog, but if I can pinpoint you, I will have to make a revision.  Lastly, thank you to the awesome usher in the Champions Club, Larry.  Larry is awesome and I love talking to the guy.  If you ever go to a game with me, let me introduce you to Larry, he’s a cool guy and you will definitely have a decent conversion.

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