Welcome Back…

After taking nearly a month off, I am happy to report that I will be going to the game tomorrow!  Also attending the game is the rather popular Zack Hample.  This will be my first game that I have ever ballhawked with Zack in attendance, so we’ll see if he brings good luck – anyone want a photo of him and I together?  (His schedule of the Midwest can be found here.)

As I stated earlier, it’s been a while and because of that, I am a bit nervous.  I am sure that once that round leather-encased ball of twine hits my leather-bound hand all nerves will be calmed.  I had better practice though, since my big trip to Denver is coming up on the Fourth of July!  I will not be hardcore hawking at that game, since I will be with my parents and wife, but I am aiming to get ONE of the 20th anniversary Rockies balls:


That’s it, that’s my goal; grab a cool commemorative and then sit back, take in a game with mountains in the background and fireworks exploding at the end.  Plus, if you remember correctly, that would provide $3 more to the NAMI donation.  but enough about goals nearly a month in advance, there is a game tomorrow!

Is anyone else going to be there?  It’ll be weird not having Paul or Mateo there, but hopefully Zack is a decent enough guy to talk to at the gates (if I bump into him).

***I nearly forgot, Ben Revere will be back for the first time since being traded.  I was always a fan of his, the way he hustles and always has a smile – how can you NOT root for him?!  So going back to the title of this post, I say to you, Ben Revere, “Welcome back!!”***


PS: Do you have an hour and a half that you are just DYING to fill?  If so, check out this YouTube video by the late legend, Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, etc.).  If you enjoy TED Talks, then you’ll LOVE this.  In fact, even if you don;t have 90 minutes to watch something, all you need to do is listen.  You’ll thank me later.


PPS: I was thinking more along the lines of “Welcome Home” (Coheed and Cambria) for the music video referenced in “Welcome Back”, but seeing how Ma$e fits Ben a bit better and matched my exact title, it seemed like destiny.


PPPS: Great, now “Feels So Good” by Ma$e is stuck in my head.  Bring on Junior High memories… *awkward junior high dances*

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