Denver, Denver, DENVER!!!

My dream is coming true.  Since I was in sixth grade – after Patrick Roy got traded to the Colorado Avalanche in 1996 – I have always wanted to visit Denver.  In fact, I wanted to LIVE there, which is saying something since I had never even been to Denver, let alone Colorado.  I think the thought of mountains, snow, hockey, and a newer expansion baseball team fulfilled all of my childhood criteria.

Now, nearly 17 years later, I am Denver-bound.  I will not be moving there (yet… we’ll see), but I will finally get to see some legitimate mountains – sorry Black Hills and Appalachians, you are glorified hills.

What are some of the highlights of the upcoming trip?

  • The Slopper – Pueblo, Colorado’s own take on a burger.  Chile sauce, onions, cheese, and burger.
  • Pikes Peak – We’ll be taking the railway up (and back down) to reach the summit.
  • Nebraska – Wait, I said highlights, didn’t I?  It will feel like 75% of our trip is spent traveling through this BORING state. Let me enlighten you as to what we’ll see for hours on end:

And that’s it, that’s all we’re doing.  Mountains, Nebraska, local cuisine, and driving.


  • Fireworks – Duh!  It’s the 4th of July, without fireworks it doesn’t count.  I’m so stupid!

I hope they have a good place to watch fireworks from…


fireworks-reduced2 (1)

How beautiful is that?!  Plus, I can cross off yet one more stadium from the list.  I am also hoping for just ONE baseball on this trip, so long as it is a Rockies commemorative baseball, I will be more than pleased.

The tickets still need to be purchased, but seeing how this is the most expensive game of the summer, I will hold out and look for “reasonably priced” tickets, since I do not want to just jump the gun and pay an arm and a leg – though i do want good seats that would help me snag this exotic baseball.  It will also be cool (and weird) to see Michael Cuddyer play; I really respect him as a former Twin and the season he is putting together may just warrant his second All-Star Game selection.

Well, if you have any suggestions on how to obtain baseballs at Coors Field, or other things to see in Denver, please comment below!  (If you’re going to the game and want to say hi, even better!)

And yes, there will be PLENTY of photos – so much so that I might make a baseball-only post and a rest-of-the-road-trip post.

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