All-Star Fever!! #ASG2014 @ Target Field (Preliminary Info So Far…)

Less than one year stands between me and my first time attending the MLB All-Star Game. I am ecstatic, beyond thrilled. I was paying so much attention to the festivities this year at Citi Field in hopes that I could apply that towards my strategy in 2014. I have so many ideas running through my brain that it hurts, but that hurt is a good hurt, it fills me with greater anticipation and excitement.

Though the details of the 2014 ASG are fuzzy (rightfully so, seeing how it’s a year away), I cannot say with 100% accuracy what my strategy will be, but I know one thing: I will do all within my power to be there for the entire celebration!

So without further adieu, let me share with you all of the info I know at this point (follow @TwinsPrez on Twitter to stay in the loop):

When will info be shared with STH?

How about the pricing?

Should Season Ticket Holders (STHs) be Worried About Getting A Ticket? Could there be an Instance Where the General Public Gets a Ticket and NOT a STH?

When Will Tickets Be Released to the General Public For Sale/Lotto Process?

I hope all of that info helps. It’s nice to have a little bit of clarity, especially in one place (if I can toot my own horn).

As more info arises, I will be sure to pass along what I learn. Being a STH, I will no doubt have info before the general public, so I will post pictures and write about what I hear. I cannot wait to be chasing the trifecta of balls: Futures Game, HR Derby, and ASG. (Bonus points if I can get a golden ball… that’d be beyond wild!)

Now let’s hope Mr. Plouffe can keep hitting dingers. I wouldn’t mind seeing Trevor be the Twin I the HR Derby, since there is a new “unofficial rule” of a member of the host-team be represented in the HR Derby. I may be a bit biased, but knowing that Mauer is not a HR hitter, Morneau may be gone (and isn’t the same guy who won the Derby), and Willingham is still a very dark horse, I’d say Trevor has a chance.

So, dear readers, will you be making it to the 2014 ASG? Leave me a comment and let me know your plans for a date nearly one year in the future.


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