Season Ticket Holder Info for the All-Star Game 2014 – Target Field (Minneapolis, MN)

I will let the following photos of my season ticket holder packet speak for themselves before I try to recap the major points:

Letter From The President (Dave St. Peter):

1 Important Bits From TwinsPrez


All-Star Game 2014 Info:


2 ASG Bits From the Brochure


3 ASG Festivities From the Brochure


Mock-up of the 2014 ASG Field/View:


4 Mock up of ASG Field


Interesting Photoshopped Mock-up of the 2014 ASG Ball:


5 Alternate ASG Ball


YES! Music and Baseball – Together at First Ave!


6 ASG at First Ave


But Wait, There’s More!

This isn’t ASG related, but VITAL information for ballhawks…


7 New Early Entry Policy 2014



All-Star Game:

  • July 20th has come and passed, so it appears that you can no longer by season tickets for 2014 and have a decent chance to get All-Star Game strips – though you do have the last priority before opening up to the public.
  • All full-season holders get their share of ASG tix, regardless.
  • Partial-season holders get capped (but not guaranteed) at 2, even if you have 20+ tickets in your group.
  • More info will become available once the renewal cycle (payments) start on September 30th.
  • Mark your calendars if they aren’t already, JULY 15, 2014!
  • The blue print on the ASG balls, though commonplace for many commemoratives and the staple for the regular non-commemorative, looks much more pleasing to my eye.
  • I am beyond excited for this game, and will do all within my power to get the trifecta (and would die for the quadfecta – gold ball being the 4th).

2014 Season Ticket Change – Ballhawks’ Dream?:

  • “Select Monday-Thursday games” will now open early for viewing of Twins batting practice.
  • Speculation leads me to believe that the “Early BP” lottery system currently in place is now being scrapped for this program.
  • Will “select games” be every game that the Twins take BP, or does the term strictly limit the number of games available for viewing BP?
  • Which sections will be available during this new gate time?  Again, speculation leads me to believe that it will be purely the outfield areas in order to accommodate for the number of people while still eliminating fans from being closer to the field, hounding for autographs.
  • Will your STH card allow just you in, or will it allow for the same numbe rof people as you have for your ticket plan?
  • Either way, I feel like this COULD be a step in the right direction for those of us who like to catch “dem baseballz”.
  • Huge thanks to the marketing team (and Dave St. Peter) for putting this benefit out there for us fans who have had to go through the struggles of the past few years.  I know that other teams do a similar program, but it’s definitely not the majority, so kudos!

3 thoughts on “Season Ticket Holder Info for the All-Star Game 2014 – Target Field (Minneapolis, MN)

    • 1. Yes, you need early entry at the very least.
      2. Multicolored ball sounds cool. If I were a photoshop wizard I would have played around with blue and red lettering/print, but my skills are lacking.
      3. You are very welcome.

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