Team Theme Songs: AL Central Division

Quick history:  I got the idea for this quirky exercise after hearing a particular song at the ballpark (OK, it took me about a dozen times hearing it before I made the association to the team) when it hit me, “How about making a list of songs that best represent a team?!”  I started in the AL Central, since it is not only near and dear to me, but because the first song/team combo was located in this division.  I’ll try to shy away from the blatantly obvious, while slipping in a few funny ones, and trying for a lot of upbeat summer-type tunes.  Enjoy!

For the sake of good order, I’ll list the teams in the order they finished the 2013 regular season.

Detroit Tigers:

OK, so right away I blow my “blatantly obvious” rule out of the water, but when you hear Tiger and think of a song what is the one (often over-used in sports) rock song that comes to mind?  Sorry, but it just HAD to be done.

Cleveland Indians:

As much as I’d love to use either one of those faux-tourism-commercials for Cleveland, I chose a Rage Against the Machine song.  Though Rage mainly focuses on the Mexican Native American people, the energy was just too good to pass up.  (Plus, why not make it a cover of a funk song?  After all Ohio equals funk!)

Kansas City Royals:

So here it is, the song that actually started this whole project.  One of the biggest songs at the end of the regular season shared its name with the team itself, which got me thinking…

Minnesota Twins:

Rather than go for a song written/sung by twins or a song about siblings born at the same time, how about an ode to the team itself?  This tune was written and sung by a huge Twins fan who was born and raised in MN – Craig Finn.

Chicago White Sox:

Cannot lie, it is hard finding a non-children’s song about socks, so I chose the closest thing, a sentimental favorite from my days in junior high.  I like to imagine that the character so wonderfully described by the rest of his attire also chose some very nice white dress socks… even if he chose black, it still fits the (ugly) history of the team, right?


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