Team Theme Songs: NL East Division

Quick history:  I got the idea for this quirky exercise after hearing a particular song at the ballpark (OK, it took me about a dozen times hearing it before I made the association to the team) when it hit me, “How about making a list of songs that best represent a team?!”  I started in the AL Central, since it is not only near and dear to me, but because the first song/team combo was located in this division.  I’ll try to shy away from the blatantly obvious, while slipping in a few funny ones, and trying for a lot of upbeat summer-type tunes.  Enjoy!

For the sake of good order, I’ll list the teams in the order they finished the 2013 regular season.

Atlanta Braves:

I already used up my Native American theme for the Indians (which I still find ridiculous having to use, as both teams’ mascots are more than a little objectionable), so I took the Braves in another direction… BRAVERY.

Washington Nationals:

Do I go patriotic or play off the “National” name?  I’ll choose the latter, since the Phillies need something more than a tune about a “badly spelled horse” (see: filly).  I like to imagine Bryce Harper is a fan of this song.

New York Mets:

Having used one New York song already on the Yankees, I knew what I wanted for the newer kid in town – some old school rap about the metropolitan area (they are the “Mets”, right?!).  Don’t worry, Brooklyn is in the name of this song, but any Brooklynite should choose the Mets over the Yankees any and all day.

Philadelphia Phillies:

Halfway tempted to use the full version of the “Always Sunny” theme, I found a patriotic song to use instead.  As Gettysburg is not too far from Philly and the band singing this tune is from the state bordering Pennsylvania to the east, it seemed like this song was centered around Philly to some extent.  (The first half of the song is slow, then at the 4 minute mark it gets intense.)

Miami Marlins:

Song about fish?  No thanks.  Let’s just focus on the “new” team location, Miami.  I feel like an uprising against Jeffrey Loria might come a close second to the riots in Miami described in this tune (look it up in your history books if you’d like, things got ugly).

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