Team Theme Songs: AL West Division

Quick history:  I got the idea for this quirky exercise after hearing a particular song at the ballpark (OK, it took me about a dozen times hearing it before I made the association to the team) when it hit me, “How about making a list of songs that best represent a team?!”  I started in the AL Central, since it is not only near and dear to me, but because the first song/team combo was located in this division.  I’ll try to shy away from the blatantly obvious, while slipping in a few funny ones, and trying for a lot of upbeat summer-type tunes.  Enjoy!

For the sake of good order, I’ll list the teams in the order they finished the 2013 regular season.

Oakland Athletics:

Sorry guys, but much like the Detroit Tigers, there was one song that was too obvious (at least in my mind) that I couldn’t NOT use it.  So in an athletic was, let’s get PHYSICAL.

Texas Rangers:

While TV-show themes were deemed off limits (the rule being that it had to be a full-length release), I wanted to capture an old “Wild West” feel in the Rangers’ tune.  If you look up the boarders of the “Republic of Texas” you will see that the city in question in the title of the song was actually part of the Republic of Texas.

Los Angeles Angels:

So many songs about Los Angeles, even more about angels (some making you want to puke).  How about another classic rock hit and a semi-obvious choice?  Some of the players have the contracts and mindset of a centerfold, making the song choice even better.

Seattle Mariners:

Confession: I love grunge and Seattle music in general.  Seattle is home to a “few” rather well-known bands over the years, but I couldn’t let my love of the Seattle-sound dictate my choice.  The song had to be marine-based (oceanic, not military), so how about a band from the neighboring state to the south singing about literal mariners?

Houston Astros:

If the team’s name was anything but NASA/space-based it would have been easy to say:

  1. How about the worst song ever?  They certainly are the worst team!
  2. Rick-roll, suckers!  Because that’s what the overly profitable team is doing to the fans!
  3. Song not found as team was not found.

But it’s SPACE we’re talking about!  So many great rock songs are about space that I couldn’t snub this awesome subject even if the team is terrible.  Here’s a great space-number, one that we used at my wedding…


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