Team Theme Songs: NL Central Division

Quick history:  I got the idea for this quirky exercise after hearing a particular song at the ballpark (OK, it took me about a dozen times hearing it before I made the association to the team) when it hit me, “How about making a list of songs that best represent a team?!”  I started in the AL Central, since it is not only near and dear to me, but because the first song/team combo was located in this division.  I’ll try to shy away from the blatantly obvious, while slipping in a few funny ones, and trying for a lot of upbeat summer-type tunes.  Enjoy!

For the sake of good order, I’ll list the teams in the order they finished the 2013 regular season.

St. Louis Cardinals:

How can you not use a song with “Cardinals” in the name?!  With the subtraction of Pujols and replacement of LaRussa with Mike Matheny, the team is proving that they are turning towards being “Young Cardinals.”

Pittsburgh Pirates:

Sure, there are numerous corny songs about pirates, but this team deserves better than a Disney-fied drinking song.  Since it’s been 21 years between playoff appearances, let’s go back in time for a true classic that is assured to give you a “pirate smile.”

Cincinnati Reds:

The name “Reds” is a bit ambiguous; so many possibilities since many things are red – blood, apples, Mars, etc.  I chose a song that kept the word “red” away from meaning a physical thing, at least; maybe the folks in Cincy are “seeing red” after being ousted already.

Milwaukee Brewers:

I was told by a Wisconsinite that the Brew Crew tune HAD to involve alcohol… well, duh!!  Now listen to this tale about excess, it seems to tell the way of being a Brewer fan as of late…

Chicago Cubs:

The lovable losers – Chicago Cubs.  Rather than go for a bear-theme (no matter if it was full grown or cub form), I played off of its fans’ unofficial motto…


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