Team Theme Songs: NL West Division

Quick history:  I got the idea for this quirky exercise after hearing a particular song at the ballpark (OK, it took me about a dozen times hearing it before I made the association to the team) when it hit me, “How about making a list of songs that best represent a team?!”  I started in the AL Central, since it is not only near and dear to me, but because the first song/team combo was located in this division.  I’ll try to shy away from the blatantly obvious, while slipping in a few funny ones, and trying for a lot of upbeat summer-type tunes.  Enjoy!

For the sake of good order, I’ll list the teams in the order they finished the 2013 regular season.

Los Angeles Dodgers:

The Dodgers are now synonymous with huge spending and Hollywood celebrity-supporters.  What could be better than a song about someone heading out West to Hollywood to be the “leading man?”  Sounds like the recent trend in baseball if you ask me.

Arizona Diamondbacks:

Playing off of what was written about the Dodgers, how about a song based in Arizona and rooted in everything anti-LA and anti-Hollywood?  The Diamondbacks may be a newer franchise but we now have bad blood (and maybe a little urine in the pool) between the teams.

San Francisco Giants:

Plain and simple, I just had to choose “I left my heart in San Fran…” NOPE!  I had one song in mind when I heard “Giants” and that was a crushing, heavy instrumental that seems to fit their championship ways.

San Diego Padres:

San Diego?  Though the song I chose is not about fathers per se, I stuck with the Spanish theme and had the added bonus of containing a few familial words in the lyrics.

Colorado Rockies:

Don’t worry, I did not use John DENVER’s “ROCKY Mountain High;” even if the stars aligned perfectly on that combo of town and team name, I have to say no – some things are too obvious.  Plus, don’t they deserve a bit more rock and respect than that?!  Instead of going with the most obvious choice, I have to play the other Bauer (card game terminology)… at least this guy can rock!


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