Twins Clubhouse Sale 2013 – Last Visit to Target Field in 2013

With the year coming to a close and the Christmas shopping season well under way, the Twins (along with numerous other teams) had their Clubhouse Sale this past Friday and Saturday (I guess that’s technically still today as I write this).  The team had all of their 2013 merchandise on sale and all Game Used stuff for the taking (for a hefty premium).

Why did I go?  Well, I kind of have a bit of a Plouffe collection going and wanted to pick up a piece to accompany the growing hoard.  Eventually I shall be making a faux-locker in the style of Target Field’s lockers, but I digress.

Who did I go with?  My wife was sick, so she was out.  A few fellow Game Used Universe members were there, but I am not super-close to any of them.  The season-ticket holder community is not a tight-knit one (envious of you, Oakland Bleacher crew!).  But there is one person I can count on…

Paul Kom!

I am sure that he is writing a blog either as we speak or will do so in the near future.  He was the smart one who took a photo of the two of us, so check his blog out for additional highlights.

If you are not aware of the weather in Minnesota, let me shed some light.  No, it is not a barren wasteland of snow and frigid temperatures.We have 4 distinct seasons, many variations of “weather” – tornadoes, blizzards, 100 F, -60 F, and even a few days of sunshine with t-shirt weather.

…with that said, the weather was stereotypical of what outsiders view MN in the winter.  We are experiencing a rather uncharacteristically cold spell coming off of a decent snow-storm.  Our high today might have been in the positive single digits, but don’t hold me to it.  Why do I bring this up?  Well, it severely limited the number of STHs that showed up early to the sale.  Last year some of us waited outside for a few hours outside; this year that would not be happening.  The earliest folks still arrived at 3:15-ish for a 5 pm opening, but by 3:30 or so the Twins opened up the entrance and even had hot chocolate and free hand-warmers for us.



Oh, we got to park in the Champions Club/players lot, and enter through the Champions Club area.  If anyone wins the lottery and wants to be incredibly generous to me, feel free to get me season tickets to this area – I’ll be sure to share my memorabilia that I snag. 🙂

Once inside the makeshift store – which was the visitor’s locker room – the mania began.  They let people go in 5 at a time, but only spread out the groups by 30 seconds.  Within minutes the place was packed.  I would have taken more photos, but the panic of finding Plouffe stuff and the craziness of the bustling sale made me forget/not want to take any.

However, I was able to snap this picture:



Notice the prices on those bats?!  A few former players (Alexi Casilla) started at $50, but current players were at least $150.  Trevor Plouffe: $250.  Oswaldo Arcia: $500!!  Wow.

Remember my huge day back at the last game of the year?  Well, if I were to add up the prices ($150, $250, and $500), that means that from bats alone that game, my haul was $900!!!!  Game used authenticated baseballs started at $30 and went up into the $100+ range, which puts my season total of 16 game balls at a clubhouse value of at least $480.  While I value these items as priceless, I also have a hard time believing that any of these pieces of memorabilia are actually worth that much.  But thank you, Oswaldo, Trevor, and Chris; my “baseball lair” can flourish without bankrupting me.

After exiting the locker-room, Paul and I got interviewed by the Twins and walked over into the…



Twins Room!!

In the Twins room were the restrooms available to those attending the sale and during the season it appears to be a place where the players eat.  There were bottles of Sriracha, oversized Sports Illustrated covers, and a whiteboard to show the lineup.

IMG_1149 IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1159IMG_1151 IMG_1152

Dozier, PLOUFFE, Doumit… erased to provide a clear 2014.

On our way out I wanted to snap a photo for my Instagram project.  As I normally don’t attend Target Field in the winter, I knew it would provide for a new view of an otherwise over-used backdrop.


Kind of cool looking, but it didn’t show up very well with the filters.



That’s more like it!  The Christmas tree in the background, cool colors shining in the entry, snow on the ground, and cold steam coming from the top of the stadium brings out the unseen chilly side of my second summer home.

I was successful and found a Trevor Plouffe nameplate used above his locker in 2013 (looks very similar to the one I bought from the 2012 season).  It was still more than I wanted to spend (and more than it was worth), but the proceeds do go to the Twins Fund (a charity), so all is well.  I will have to give a full-on breakdown of my Plouffe collection sometime, but that is a full blog entry by itself.  I’ll keep this one short and sweet – TwinsFest is on the horizon, so I can share more winter Twins stories then.

Thank you:

  • Paul.  Thanks for coming up, driving in crappy traffic, and spending all of 40 minutes inside the sale.
  • Plouffe (and everyone other player).  Thanks for all of the toss-ups over the years.  When I see the retail prices it floors me how generous you are to me.  I know that my donation to NAMI is not the huge dollar amount seen in the team store, but know that I am trying to give back a decent amount.



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