This is a “Top 100 Blog” – THANK YOU!!



With nothing less than amazing support from you (dear reader), you have made this weird little blog #76 on the list of top 100 MLBlogs.  Like I wrote twice already (heading and the largest font)…  sincerely, thank you.

I kind of had this as a goal in the background, but I didn’t ever think that many people would want to read about my random baseball adventures (and other baseball and non-baseball related thoughts).  I was still in the growing phase for the first half of the year – since I only started in mid-2012 – so it’s crazy to see how Plouffe’s New Hairdo took off since June.

I have met some very cool and passionate people who share a similar craziness for catching baseballs, a few others that just love baseball, and even heard from a couple more that are on the fence about this wonderful sport.  I want to take this time to give a huge shout out to the others I either met or have grown to call friends in 2013:

1.  Zack Hample – Not only the king of snagging, but web-hits for ballhawks.  We shared the stadium back on June 11, 2013.

19.  Mateo Fischer – The now-Minnesotan who calls Target Field his primary home, we shared the stadium too many times to mention and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  He is also the newest record-holder for balls snagged at Target Field!

42.  Paul Kom – A Piece of the Game gets the awesome #42 spot; very cool considering that 2013 was the year of the great film of the same name.  Another Target Field regular who is now a Season Ticket Holder, Paul and I will be overlapping for a very special game in the very near future.

76.  ME?! – I found a way to make sense of this 76 number…  76 + 24 (Trevor Plouffe’s number) = Top 100 MLBlog!

95.  Shawn Bosman – The king of HR snags crossed the boarder and shared Target Field with me on August 27, 2013.  Here’s hoping that we get to share a Chicago stadium in 2014!


…And for the folks I know online that I’d like to meet:

7.  Cook and Sons – How I’d love to do this should I have children of my own in the future.  Let’s hope they visit MN soon… we do have the All-Star Game this year!

15.  Erik Jabs – Mr. StubHub himself AND the high-snagger of 2013!  I’m thinking that I can finally meet him during All-Star madness.

24.  Nick Badders – Nick seems to eat, sleep, and breath baseball, Major League AND Minor League.  I’m guessing that he will continue to do great things in the future.

64.  Chris Hernandez – Whenever I read Zack’s blog or read what Mateo writes when he goes back East, Chris is always there.  He seems like a cool dude and loves hockey, too!

79.  Rick Sporcic – Setting a virtually unreachable record for most baseballs snagged at any game (100+ balls ranging from recognizable to disintegrated cat toy), Rick seems like quite a character.  Why is everyone out East?!

87.  Harrison Tishler – The next wave of ballhawks has a powerful member in Philly, and his name is Harrison.  Again, I’m jealous at the large community in the New England area.


Congrats, again, to everyone who made the list.  While there is a little bit of competition among the community (both blogging and ballhawking), I can honestly say that it is just cool to be featured on a list, no matter the place, with all these hardcore baseball fans.

Lastly, as if I haven’t said it enough, thank you to everyone who read the blog, met me at a baseball game, tossed me a ball, drove with me to games, or made it possible to soak in this wonderful sport.  My family was huge this year, letting me not only go crazy on my own, but then enduring my obsession in Denver.


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