Personal Record… SHATTERED! – Balls 201-219 (March 3, 2014)

My goal this trip was 30 balls. I didn’t publish it, but that was my hope/goal. I thought I had a chance after my numbers from yesterday (11), but never did I guess that I’d do it in only two games.

This was the scene before Hurricane Tony hit; the newly renovated Hammond Stadium.

Ball 1:

Batting cages. That’s all I can say about it. No player help, no worker, just batting cages.

Ball 2:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one already… Batting cages.

Ball 3:

The first ball inside the newly remodeled stadium – and the much anticipated LF grass area – was tossed to me by a Twins trainer.

Ball 4:

Brian Duensing.

Ball 5:

Unknown Twin hit a homer. I pounced on it.

Ball 6:

Dan Rohlfing home run. This new LF grass area is AWESOME!

Ball 7:

Pedro Florimón was jogging around the warning track and I decided to ask.

Ball 8:

A DEEP bomb hit into left-center meant I had to jog out of the grass and find where the ball went; Josh Willingham was the source if the powerful shot. The stadium was surprisingly bare.

Ball 9:

This ball came from Alex Presley. It was the last one from the Twins. At this point I felt like 30 was within reach for the trip (only 10 left in 2 games).

Ball 10:

With my new, cheap Jays shirt on, I worked on getting a toss-up from Derrick Chung. My catcher’s mitt helped.

Ball 11:

The next Jay to toss me a ball was Sean Nolin.

Ball 12:

A new personal best, at the hands of Rob Rassmussen.

Ball 13:

Some nameless, numberless Jay rewarded me with this “unlucky” ball.

Ball 14:

The focus on this picture is on Terry Steinbach (accidentally) because he was the one that tossed me the ball.

Ball 15:

The new Twin, Kurt Suzuki, has found himself on the growing list of guys to donate a ball to me.

Ball 16:

This square-number ball was the last of the BP/pre-game ball haul. Eduardo Escobar has been great to me for another year.

Ball 17:

Top of the 6th ended with a double-play and on the way in Kennys Vargas tossed me this beauty.

Ball 18:

I tried to get the bat-boy’s attention all game long; once he even have me the “I’m sorry, I can’t” mime. I tried once more in the 7th from the mote area, and at the same time he saw me and motioned for me to come down and get it. I went to the first row and got yet another gamer.

Ball 19:

Are we there yet?! Yes, yes we are. The last ball of the game came after securing a lineup card from the Jays and a BP schedule for the Twins. This one was from a worker and was a leftover gamer from the batting helmet rack.

I also saw my first alligator today! Here it is in the swamp behind RF:


And here is the total haul from the game:


For those wondering, here’s how far away from home I am:


-Minnesota Twins
-Toronto Blue Jays
-and many more, but I am tired, so it’ll have to be written in the massive “road trip blog” post.

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