Insane Streak Comes to a Close… Still a Great “Day at the Office” – Balls 220-228 (March 4, 2013)

My crazy streak of double digit games and record tying/setting (only 2, but a FULL two) came to an end. I am not too sad, because 9 balls is a great total, especially when there are NO outfield seats AND I got my second career game home run ball (more info below).

The third game in as many days was at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. This stadium is split between the Cardinals and the following team:


Ball 1:

The only view of the field before gates opened (only 90 minutes before the game, compared to 3 hours at Hammond Stadium) was back in the player parking/LF access gate. I was able to get Arquimedes Caminero’s attention (while wearing my Marlins jersey) and got him to toss me a ball.

Ball 2:

After getting shut out by Edgar Olmos, because I switched jerseys as the Twins entered the unloading area then the field, I was finally rewarded with the second if the day. Christian Yelich tossed me this ball after I got myself out of Olmos and Camineros’ views.

Ball 3:

Brian Dozier is a class act. Enough said. My troubles of no outfield were eased by the generosity of the Twins.

Ball 4:

Eric Fryer is also the man. Same story as Dozier. The dugout was about the best/most consistent spot during BP.

Ball 5:

Once the workers started to let people near the right field (foul territory) grass area, I tried for a sliced ball or two. I still couldn’t go on the grass, but a worker hooked me up with one that was in foul territory I the warning track.

Ball 6:

My wife caught* a ball! OK, so it was more like I told her to be ready with my spare glove and that I would “bobble” a ball into her glove. But I did this so that we could say that all four people in our party got a ball this trip – my father-in-law yesterday, mother-in-law at this game (off the bat of Dan Rohlfing), and finishing off the Quadrafecta, my wife with this ball. Oh, this was a gamer from the bottom of the 1st inning from Oswaldo Arcia after Byron Buxton caught it and tossed it to him as they hugged back to the dugout.

Ball 7:

Another gamer, but can you tell where I am taking this photo from? My seats were behind the Twins dugout, but this is from the closest spot to the outfield. Why? Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit a blast in the bottom of the 4th to give the Marlins a 2-1 lead. I noticed that no one else was really after it and that a worker or two appeared to be going after it. After deliberating, I chose to run over and try for it. The only other fan waiting for it had no glove and was on his cellphone. The second person I saw behind the fence had the ball in hand and I asked for it. I now own it.

This was not only the eventual game winner, but Jarrod’s first home run as a Marlin!

Ball 8:

After the game was over I made sure to try to get the lineup card (acheived) and I also tried scavenging for the last balls. Jorge Polanco hooked me up with the one above.

Ball 9:

After exhausting the Twins’ well, I hit up the Marlins’ side. A grounds crew member tossed me the last on of the day.

At this point in the trip I am averaging 13 balls a game! One more tomorrow (my last for over a month) and I will guarantee at least an average in the double digits. CRAZY!

Speaking of “tens”, our section received the prize pictures below because of Salty’s bomb.

We were looking for a place to eat after the game anyway, so this was perfect! I’ll share more about it in my vacation recap, but he shock that they let us use each if our gift cards was a pleasant surprise.

Here is the obligatory “haul shot”:

Not too bad, eh? I did not expect this many balls, so I did not bring a separate bag for this many. Looks like it’s a sad-looking MacGyver fix of reinforced plastic shopping bags.

-Jupiter, Florida/Miami Marlins
-Minnesota Twins, as always
-My wife, for playing along with the “everyone gets a ball” idea
(More detailed thanks later.)

5 thoughts on “Insane Streak Comes to a Close… Still a Great “Day at the Office” – Balls 220-228 (March 4, 2013)

      • That baseball is the one commemorative I’ve really wanted. A few years back, I was at a Phillies vs. Marlins game and there was one laying on the warning track. There was a security guard right there so I couldn’t use the glove trick to get it up. Eventually, I got a Marlins pitcher to throw it to me but some old man reached in front of me and grabbed it… I haven’t seen another one since

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